Collaboration, Trust, and Democratization of Data: Continued Innovations in Customer 360

Last Published: Nov 19, 2021 |
Monica Mullen
Monica Mullen

Director, Product Marketing 

If data is the soul of digital transformation, then customer experience is its heart. It’s not uncommon for customer centricity to be the driving force of business transformation. In fact, multiple studies over the years have connected better customer experiences to better business outcomes.

Meeting customers’ needs requires understanding: where the customer is in their journey, the kinds of relationships they hold, the purchases they’ve already made, the products that their household already owns, and so on. These insights are contained in an organization’s data, which needs to flow freely through the organization as the lifeblood of customer centricity.

Data that’s managed, trusted, and connected enables customer centricity, and delivers insights and context and ensures consistency, removes friction, keeps interactions timely and relevant, and leads to better employee satisfaction, improved efficiency and productivity, and lower costs.

Achieving true customer centricity requires a cross-functional team that values a company’s data as the strategic asset it is. In the year since Informatica introduced Customer 360 SaaS, a micro-services based solution that redefines cloud-native master data management, we’ve continued to introduce new capabilities that help our customers unleash additional benefits from their data.

Our 25-year heritage of creating innovative MDM solutions has led to an unparalleled legacy of industry leadership. We are continuously raising the bar and pushing ourselves to outperform our prior achievements, investing at least $250 million every year in R&D, continuously evaluating and evolving our solutions, and bringing new, intelligent cloud-based capabilities designed to simplify MDM, with a focus on increasing the value MDM delivers.

Our ultimate goal for Informatica MDM is to ensure that it contributes to the success of every digital transformation initiative, no matter how big or small. We are guided by the strong belief that every CRM implementation project, every ERP modernization project, every data science and AI project, every data lake migration project, and every data warehouse migration project needs clean, consistent, secure, and well-managed data.

Our teams over the past year have delivered on the creation of augmented MDM to support business self-service. We’ve added visual analytics, collaboration, and tailored workflows for reference data management. We’ve helped organizations adopt MDM faster by removing error-prone manual efforts when moving MDM into production. And we’ve created MDM process transparency for non-technical teams that helps them easily view and analyze the results of data matching and quality processes.

These powerful master data management capabilities are simplifying the implementation and management of master data through the Intelligent Data Management Cloud, a shared microservices-based architecture, with data management capabilities that work seamlessly together to deliver trusted, connected data. This includes services that provide what’s needed for a complete, end-to-end MDM implementation, such as data and process integration, API management, data quality, reference data management, and intelligence through CLAIRE, Informatica’s AI engine.

During our Fall Launch event, Lesley Hanly, VP of Product Management for MDM at Informatica highlighted a few of the ways we are helping data stewards and business users become more efficient and productive within MDM—at enterprise scale:

  • Speed deployment with a software development lifecycle process that helps you move quickly from development to production environments
  • Reduce duplicates through CLAIRE-driven search-before-create record recommendations
  • Reduce risk through a new view of a record’s history for increased transparency into the changes of a record
  • Increase productivity with self-service creation of reports, dashboards and multi-step workflows – all without the involvement of IT

During our Meet the Experts webinar, we’ll take an even deeper dive into our Customer 360 SaaS solution, covering all of the major innovations we’ve delivered over the past year, including:

  • All-in-one cloud capabilities including data integration, application integration, and data quality
  • AI/ML-driven data matching, smart fields, and other built-in intelligence and orchestration
  • Phased implementation and improved user experience
  • A component-based framework for rapid app configuration
  • Microservices-based architecture for scalability and upgradability

If you haven’t explored what we’ve been doing recently, now is the time to find out. Join us for this webinar to take a closer look at the next generation of modern cloud data mastering for creating a 360-degree view of customers. I’ll be joined by our leaders in product management, John Thomas, Oliver Soans, and David Borean. I look forward to seeing you there.

First Published: Nov 19, 2021