Driving Business Agility with Google Cloud Ready Data Management

Last Published: Aug 31, 2022 |
Doug Louie
Doug Louie

Director, Product Marketing – SaaS Applications

Modern organizations recognize that data is the key to unlocking business growth and customer success. But there’s never been so much data to work with, and the volume, variety and velocity of data just keeps growing. According to the IDC Global Chief Data Officer (CDO) Engagement Survey 20211, nearly a third of organizations have more than 1,000 data sources, and 82% are currently using multiple clouds — or plan to — within the next 12 months. This complexity is slowing down many of today’s data architectures and operations.

To address these challenges and make the most of their data and analytics programs, companies across industries such as financial services, healthcare and retail are modernizing their data architectures to cloud data warehouse solutions such as Google BigQuery. Informatica and Google Cloud are working together to accelerate the path to cloud modernization for their customers. With Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC), Google Cloud customers can modernize their data architectures and seamlessly manage their data.

As the industry's first and most comprehensive AI-powered data management solution, IDMC amplifies the value of Google Cloud analytics. IDMC enables Google Cloud customers to source, cleanse and enrich their data when they migrate it to BigQuery. This helps ensure their analytics insights are based on trustworthy data and result in better business decisions.

Why We’re Proud to be a Partner of the Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery Initiative

Informatica is proud to be a qualified partner of the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery initiative. This initiative saves Google Cloud customers valuable time and effort when it comes to evaluating new tools. It does the validation process for them. They can hit the ground running with vendors that can provide effective and trusted Google Cloud – BigQuery integrations. This enables Google Cloud customers to focus on building new solutions instead of testing product integrations.

The Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery qualification recognizes partner solutions that have met a core set of requirements. This ensures the best possible Google Cloud integration experience for customers. Google Cloud-validated connectors from Informatica help customers streamline their data transformation. Informatica IDMC also helps Google Cloud customers move data from any SaaS application, on-premises database or big data source into Google BigQuery. Customers experience a high-performance and scalable cloud infrastructure with metadata-driven data management. 

How the Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery Partner Qualification Process Works

Google Cloud engineers have evaluated and validated BigQuery integrations and connectors through a series of data integration tests and benchmarks. Their validation process has three phases:

  • Evaluate: The Google Cloud team runs a series of data integration tests in a sandbox environment and compare results against best practices.
  • Enhance: Next, the team works with the partner to fill in any the gaps from the evaluation phase.
  • Enable: Finally, the team works with the partner to refine existing documentation. This ensures that our shared customers have everything they need to work effectively with our products.
“Google Cloud and Informatica have been strategic cloud partners for the last five years, providing end-to-end, scalable enterprise-class data migration, integration and management solutions for customers. Being recognized as a Google Cloud Ready - BigQuery partner further validates Informatica's ability to help customers be successful in their journey to cloud with Google.”
— Jitesh Ghai, Chief Product Officer, Informatica

Success Story: Increasing Donations by 20x at Feeding America

Feeding America is America’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. They needed to analyze their data from member food banks and scale capacity for processing food and financial donations on demand. Informatica IDMC helped them bring in data from over a dozen internal systems and add data from 200 network member food banks to make it available for analytics.

The Informatica solution pulls live data into a cloud data warehouse using native, high-volume connectivity to Google BigQuery. Together, Informatica and Google Cloud are helping Feeding America improve efficiency and drive more- informed decision making.
The organization can now receive 20x more financial donations, 6x more food transportation requests and 7x more grocery orders. Read the case study or watch the video to learn more.

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First Published: Aug 31, 2022