How Can Informatica’s Cloud B2B Gateway Save You Money?

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Etty Afriat
Etty Afriat

Easily manage your partner community with the new Partner Portal

managing your trading partner community

Managing your trading-partner community is extremely important for your business. Simplifying integration with your trading partners can expedite partner onboarding, accelerate data exchange, and reduce operational costs for all parties. In discovery sessions, customers looking for B2B solutions regularly share that they find trading-partner community management to be challenging, time-consuming, and costly. Questions that often come up include:

  • How can I expedite the partner onboarding process?
  • How can I provide more control to my partners and increase my collaboration with them?
  • How can I meet my partners’ service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensure that my SLAs are met?
  • How can I expand my community of partners to include smaller businesses?

The deeper I drill down on these needs and challenges with customers, the clearer it becomes that meeting these objectives requires engaging partners in a self-service mode of collaboration. How can you achieve that? With a B2B partner portal.

Onboarding a new trading partner is an important step in the partner-management life cycle, and businesses put a lot of effort and resources into tuning, simplifying, and expediting the process. A self-service-based, collaborative onboarding portal can significantly shorten that step and cut operational costs.

Once your trading partner is onboard, the ongoing daily (sometimes hourly) interactions begin. You exchange tens of hundreds of files and messages, which you need to ensure are processed successfully according to the agreed-upon SLAs.

Transparency and visibility are key tomaintaining a healthy and successful relationship. They will streamline your integration and data exchange with your partners and lead to cost reductions in error-tracking and handling.

A B2B portal is a strategic tool that can help you achieve the goals listed above and develop a frictionless partner relationship.

Advanced Partner Community Management

The new self-service Informatica B2B Partners Portal enables you to simplify and expedite the partner-onboarding process. A component of our industry-leading partner community management service, Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway, our partner-management portal helps to improve integration and collaboration with your trading partners.

Once you’ve set up your partner portal and provided access to your partners, they can log in to track and verify the status of data exchanges by leveraging B2B event-tracking and monitoring. Partners get a high-level view of the status through a dashboard (see image 1). They can drill down to the status of  specific files and messages using the events screen (see image 2). The administrator of your organization has full control over the portal and can brand it to your organization’s preference.



Image 1: The dashboard provides a high-level view of the status of data exchanges.





Image 2: The events screen provides a detailed look at the status of specific files and messages.



What’s next?

Being able to connect with your partner community is high priority, but what do you do when your partners do not have a proper EDI or file-transfer solution in place? How do you exchange files with them? In the upcoming release of our Cloud B2B Gateway, your trading partners will be able to use the Partners Portal to send and receive files to and from your organization.

Using a simple online login to access the Partners Portal, they can place files for processing and download files that are waiting for them to receive. The file send/receive is based on HTTPs for better security and to keep the files on your premises’ domain. Managing and setting up the HTTPs server is accomplished using Informatica file servers.

Drummond AS2-Interoperability Certification

Informatica B2B Gateway Cloud AS2 was tested and certified by Drummond as a compliant, secure, and interoperable AS2 solution.

Contact us to learn more about Informatica Cloud AS2 and other connectivity options.

Watch this introductory video to learn more about Informatica Cloud B2B Gateway and try it free for 30 days.

First Published: Feb 13, 2020