How Informatica Helps You Deliver a Better Customer 360 in Salesforce Today

Last Published: Dec 06, 2022 |
Doug Louie
Doug Louie

Director, Product Marketing – SaaS Applications

Establishing a True 360-Degree View of Your Customer

Covid-19 has forced us all to experience new ways to meet and new ways to work. If we can’t go to the office, well, we will bring the office to ourselves via Zoom. The same has happened to events – they have all pretty much gone “virtual” in some form or another.  Dreamforce will be no exception. Billed as “Dreamforce to You” this year, Dreamforce will come to us via our laptops. As one of the preeminent proponents of “customer 360,” they have always championed the customer. Expect to see lots of great customer stories and use cases exemplifying the use of Salesforce to create great customer experiences. 

We at Informatica have always held the customer first. “Think Customer First” is one of four core tenets of Informatica’s We Data culture and values.  So not surprisingly, supporting the notion of “customer 360” is not a new mantra for us. In fact, as the enterprise cloud data management leader, we have always believed in the importance of trusted data and its importance in obtaining clear, actionable business insights.  

In keeping with our cloud-first, cloud-native ideology, we have always endeavored to bring the “data to you.”  It’s only when our customers can both access their data as well as discover and integrate other available data that they find they achieve those “aha” moments that lead to great customer experiences. As we all know, CRM data is perhaps some of the most valuable data that a company has regarding its customers.  What  insights and actions might emerge from analyzing CRM data coupled with ERP and eCommerce data? The potential to improve upon customer experience is limitless. 

Establishing a True 360-Degree View of Your Customer

For us, great customer experiences begin not only with good data, but with data that forms the best version of truth and a true 360-degree view of the customer. Informatica’s Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce, available on the  Salesforce AppExchange , has been allowing customers to maximize their investments in Salesforce and to regain trust in their Salesforce data since 2011.  

Additionally, companies of all sizes which have Salesforce CRM can easily get a detailed view of how accounts and customers are related by managing multiple hierarchies for roll-ups, views and reporting, by region, line of business, sales structure, D&B structure, as defined by your EFP, and more.  This allows customers to answer all important questions such as, “Who are my top customers globally?" and “Which line of business within a company owns a product, but another line of business doesn’t?” 

Three Customer Experience Webinars 

Informatica has been a long-time partner of Salesforce.  This past year, we featured three separate webinars showcasing the benefits of Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce

Perhaps even more central in bringing the “data to you,” is how data can be integrated within Salesforce and vice versa. One of our most popular eBooks   perennially has been Salesforce Integration for Dummies

As you enjoy Dreamforce to You this year from the comfort of your home office, feel free to peruse the success of Salesforce customers such as The Travel CorporationSchneider Electric and nCino as they leveraged Informatica to bring the best possible experience to their customers. 

First Published: Nov 29, 2020