Informatica and Oracle: Paving a Path to Integrated Cloud Data Management in a Fragmented, Multi-cloud World

Last Published: Oct 18, 2022 |
Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai

Chief Product Officer

The biggest challenge facing enterprise customers today is making sense of all their data to drive tangible business value. Companies want to be data-driven, but it isn’t so easy. Data is at the heart of how customers can become intelligent data enterprises. But if they don’t have access to the right data, can’t get clean data that’s curated and ready to use, and can’t get that data to the people who need it — they can’t be successful.

Since we announced our cloud partnership with Oracle at Informatica World in May 2022, we have received an overwhelming response from thousands of our joint customers. They’re excited about the combination of best-of-breed data management capabilities from two industry powerhouses. And they’re excited that we are working together to help them conquer some of the biggest data challenges they face.

Informatica + Oracle at CloudWorld 2022

Today, I had the pleasure of joining Andy Mendelsohn, Executive Vice President at Oracle, on the Oracle CloudWorld mainstage for a fireside chat for the Database Server Technologies track. Andy and I shared news about our work together, the value it’s already bringing to customers like Asyad and what the future holds for the Oracle-Informatica cloud partnership.

This partnership represents two industry leaders coming together to help our customers succeed with data. Oracle brings some of the world’s most advanced database and cloud technologies, and Informatica offers the world’s leading end-to-end cloud data management solution with the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) platform. The combination means that Oracle customers can now be data-driven, with the best solution possible to transform their business through modern, end-to-end cloud-native data and analytics.

Informatica’s leadership in the enterprise cloud data management space is precisely why Oracle designated us as a preferred partner for data integration and governance for data warehouses and lakehouses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). For us, it’s all about creating the “cloud comfort factor” for thousands of our joint customers. With it, customers can feel confident as they build a high-quality cloud data enterprise that is clean, trusted, governed and agile.

What I heard from Andy is the growing utilization of multiple clouds, or multi-cloud. It’s a big focus for Oracle. With the proliferation of cloud offerings, enterprises want to maintain choice and flexibility. For many Oracle customers, it’s fast becoming the norm for their data to reside across multiple clouds. At Informatica, we launched our data management cloud solution precisely to give enterprises the capability to find, access and clean their data no matter where it resides. Whether it is on-premises, in one cloud or in multiple clouds, Informatica can seamlessly integrate your data and ensure it is fit-for-purpose so you can run your analytics and achieve the business outcomes you need.

Informatica and Oracle in Action

For many Oracle customers, Informatica’s deep data integration capabilities have long empowered them to be successful. They have come to rely on Informatica and Oracle technologies for years. Every customer we have spoken to is excited about this partnership. Through it, they feel more confident about moving to the cloud with two trusted partners offering best-in-class, cloud-native technology that encapsulates the depth and breadth of decades of expertise.

One customer I’d like to highlight is the Asyad Group, a global integrated logistics service provider based in Oman, Jordan. To build out their data lake, Asyad chose a joint solution from Oracle and Informatica. They are building it on OCI leveraging the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Object Storage.

Before they can leverage analytics to drive business outcomes, Asyad first needs to integrate their data across multiple business units. Their goal is to get real-time information about vessels, port equipment and cranes to optimize port operations. This will put port and cargo analytics at their fingertips. Integrating all their data from various business units will allow a more unified operation — from providing a single view of the customer to optimizing and predicting rates on the spot market to optimizing warehouse inventories and space.

Another customer example is a large U.S. digital publishing company. They’ve been leveraging Oracle and Informatica technologies for years to help with their on-premises finance analytics and reporting. Recently, as part of their adoption of Oracle SaaS and OCI in the cloud, the company embarked on a cloud modernization journey. Informatica’s cloud-native IDMC platform and Oracle Autonomous Database — with Informatica’s Migration Factory program — is the solution they chose for this data transformation.

IDMC Is Coming to Oracle Cloud Marketplace

As we continue to grow and invest in our partnership with Oracle, one exciting new development that I’d like to highlight is in the cloud marketplace arena. Cloud marketplaces are an increasingly popular vehicle for customers. They allow them to easily acquire and deploy solutions that complement their cloud vendor’s platform services. We are pleased to share that we will soon be launching a transactable IDMC offering through the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

We are thrilled about the partnership and extremely excited to help our joint customers with the cost, scale and performance benefits that come with choosing Oracle Cloud and Informatica IDMC.

Next Steps

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First Published: Oct 18, 2022