Informatica Enterprise Accelerator supercharges intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Last Published: Dec 23, 2021 |
Gopinath Sankaran
Gopinath Sankaran

Vice President, Strategic Cloud Ecosystems


Better Data -> Better Insights -> Better Decisions

“Customer Centric experiences are no longer optional, they are mandatory. This statement is the most non-controversial and agreeable proclamation within any organization. Forrester’s research1 shows that 80% of customers will spend more with a brand that provides an exceptional experience, and their research also confirms that organizations that leverage insights through customer data outperform their peers by 80% in sales growth and by more than 25% in margin growth.

Informatica announces the GA of its Enterprise Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solution.

This being the case, it would seem to be a no brainer that every enterprise should be adopting a Customer Data Platform (CDP) and driving immense value from their CDP strategy and deployments. But here is where reality sets in. Enterprises are by nature complex and heavily siloed. When CDP institute2 recently performed a survey to better understand the state of the customer data asset environment, their findings were quite eye-opening. They found that 76% of organizations have disconnected customer data that requires consolidation and unification. But there is a more fundamental issue. Almost 50% of survey respondents reported that several factors (including variety, knowledge, complexity, governance, etc.) prevent them from extracting data from their own source systems!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an AI-powered customer data platform with security and time to value. Trusted by enterprises across industries, it is empowering business teams across sales, service, and marketing to personalize experiences at scale.

Informatica and Microsoft have recognized the challenges for the enterprise around trusted high quality data that enhances, enriches, and expedites Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. To answer this, Informatica is now announcing the GA of its Enterprise Accelerator for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights solution. With this offering, Informatica brings its leadership and expertise in the enterprise data management space to resolve the challenges that hinder the adoption of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Simply put, Informatica’s Enterprise Accelerator solution addresses THREE key customer needs:

  1. Accelerate the Sourcing of Customer Data – Informatica offers industry-leading capabilities to connect & fetch data from different heterogeneous sources and process customer related data assets. The breadth and depth of Informatica connectors (200+ high scale high performant connectors) in the enterprise is unparalleled and Informatica technologies are 90% faster in discovering the right customer data assets for integration. This addresses the fundamental pain-point of deciphering enterprise complexity and finding and extracting the relevant customer data assets that drives customer experiences.  
  2. Cleanse, Enrich and Establish Trusted Quality of Customer Data – Intelligence driven by analytics and insights is only as good as the quality of the underlying data. Informatica’s AI engine CLAIRE has the ability to cleanse, enrich, establish high data quality and master customer data and other related assets while demonstrating strong governance for enterprise data (with respect to data lineage, PII, compliance, privacy etc.). This provides enterprises the foundational trust, confidence and satisfaction that is a necessary pre-requisite for driving accuracy into the data intelligence behind the insights.
  3. Drive Actionable Insights – Informatica recently announced the GA of a new “Common Data Model Connector” for Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 applications that transforms the customer data assets into the relevant common data model medium for Azure and Dynamics 365 applications to consume seamlessly to generate insights. Informatica also delivers the insights to the various systems of action in an enterprise directly enhancing the customer value and the adoption of the CDP.

Informatica’s innovative Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) and recognition by Gartner as the leader in 5 Magic Quadrant reports (Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service, Data Integration Tools, Master Data Management, Data Quality & Metadata Management) demonstrates Informatica’s enterprise cloud data management leadership and the ability to discover, cleanse, master and integrate customer and customer related data assets. These capabilities address the fundamental enterprise challenges that slow and limit the adoption of a CDP like Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and helps transform the resulting insights into action.

Frank Weigel, vice president of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights at Microsoft, has offered his thoughts:

“In this digital economy, customer data is the key competitive differentiator for businesses to drive market success. Informatica helps Customer Insights customers to easily discover and add the reliable and trusted version of their own data to enable more accurate insights and drive meaningful actions across all relevant internal systems. The Informatica Enterprise Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights will empower business to quickly deliver complete, reliable personalized experience to their customers.”

Microsoft and Informatica have worked side-by-side on game-changing solutions for many years to remove challenges while bringing delight to the customers. Informatica’s Enterprise Accelerators for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is one more effort by the teams that showcases the deep strategic alignment between both organizations in delivering a customer-first solution that addresses critical enterprise data challenges.

Bottom line, better data always leads to better insights that results in better decisions and that is the NorthStar to bring customer delight by addressing core challenges.

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First Published: May 03, 2021