Informatica World: Launching Unprecedented Innovations in Cloud Data Management

Empowering users of all skill levels to deliver value from data with the Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Last Published: May 24, 2022 |
Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai

Chief Product Officer

Empowering users of all skill levels to deliver value from data with the Intelligent Data Management Cloud

At Informatica World this week, we announced the release of several industry-first Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) innovations for both business and IT users. These innovations in cloud data management empower stakeholders of all skill levels in the organization to engage with data. This creates a multiplier effect, enabling organizations to drive transformative business outcomes by delivering greater value from data in minutes rather than weeks or months with actionable intelligence and insights.

Citizen integrators can now load data fast and for free. Data engineers and data scientists can rapidly build data pipelines in their preferred IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and operationalize ML models. Business users can move from data to insights in minutes with intelligent multidomain master data applications. And, predictive data intelligence enables non-technical data consumers to easily find, understand, trust and access relevant data.

Informatica continues to lead in delivering market firsts, making IDMC the most innovative and trusted data management cloud. I’m excited to share the following major innovations we announced at Informatica World.

Intelligent Data Management Cloud Innovations

New 3-click Data Loader Service streamlines data loading: Informatica Data Loader is a new, free cloud service for Google BigQuery. It is the industry’s first no cost, zero-code, zero-DevOps cloud data management SaaS offering. It helps users across the organization move from raw data to actionable insights in minutes, as opposed to weeks or months. You can access the Informatica Data Loader through the Informatica Marketplace and from the Google BigQuery console.

New INFACore plug-in brings low-code data management to developers, data scientists and data engineers: Informatica INFACore is the industry’s first open, extensible and embeddable intelligent headless data management for developers, data scientists and data engineers. INFACore works as a plug-in for any development or data science IDE. It simplifies the process of composing data pipelines, turning thousands of lines of code into a single function. INFACore can significantly improve the productivity of data scientists and data engineers, enabling them to access and prepare data from any source within their tool of choice. This reduces time-to-value from weeks to hours or minutes. INFACore brings IDMC’s industry-leading AI-powered data management capabilities natively to data scientists and data engineers, empowering them to build and train models with high-quality, relevant data.

New ModelServe service operationalizes ML models for ML and data engineers: Informatica ModelServe enables data scientists to register their machine learning (ML) models and data engineers to operationalize ML models developed in any workbench or framework. These models can be deployed in data pipelines to accelerate AI/ML automation at enterprise scale in minutes. This greatly simplifies the process of deploying ML models to production while eliminating ad-hoc scripting and manual processes.

New intelligent, multidomain master data management applications enable data to insights in minutes: New industry-first, multidomain master data management (MDM) AI-powered SaaS applications are delivered as out-of-the-box app experiences. Supplier 360 SaaS is an AI-powered MDM application for managing suppliers and contacts, supplier relationships and hierarchies, business rules, and supplier onboarding workflows. Product 360 SaaS is an AI-powered MDM application for product data, product relationships and hierarchies, content enrichment and data quality business rules, and governance workflows. These line-of-business MDM SaaS applications help organizations deliver master data management solutions faster, with reduced costs and greater return on investment.

Predictive Data Intelligence for data consumers delivers actionable, personalized insights: Current approaches to data intelligence are failing to adequately empower data consumers to engage with data and to deliver actionable business insights. Informatica is addressing this market gap with a single, unified solution for Predictive Data Intelligence in the cloud with integrated governance, catalog, quality, and self-service data marketplace capabilities, powered by broad and deep cloud-native metadata intelligence. This enables data-driven organizations to deliver personalized insights with predictive recommendations and automation. Data consumers are empowered through a self-service data shopping experience, including automated data delivery.

No-code data APIs deliver business process automation in minutes: Informatica is empowering IT and business users with the API center to rapidly build and orchestrate no-code data APIs on the foundation of trusted data to deliver seamless digital experiences. Informatica’s API gateways makes business process automation simpler, faster and more dependable without the need for complex coding. Informatica’s IDMC enables full-fledged, self-service hyperautomation built on trusted data.

IDMC achieves SOC 1 compliance, delivering the maximum level of assurance: Informatica successfully achieved third-party SOC 1 Type 2 compliance, validating the operational effectiveness of IDMC controls impacting our customers’ financial reporting obligations. This SOC 1 compliance, along with our existing SOC 2, SOC 3 and other industry certifications, enables the maximum level of assurance and confidence that our customers need for their cloud transformations.

IDMC for Financial Services helps ensure business success: This new industry solution leverages IDMC’s cloud-native capabilities as an integrated platform along with out-of-the-box, industry-specific accelerators. IDMC for Financial Services helps organizations capitalize on fit-for-business-use data to enable business imperatives like improving customer experience, driving revenue growth, complying with industry regulations and managing risk.

IDMC for Healthcare and Life Sciences accelerates innovation: This new industry solution leverages IDMC’s cloud-native capabilities as an integrated platform along with out-of-the-box, industry-specific accelerators to help healthcare and life sciences organizations benefit from fit-for-business-use data. This enables business imperatives such as improving the health of populations and the quality of care, reducing costs, complying with industry regulations and accelerating research and development.

Next Steps

Take the Informatica Data Loader for a test drive or sign up for a private preview of Informatica INFACore (headless data management plug-in for low-code data pipeline development) or Informatica ModelServe (to operationalize machine learning models).

First Published: May 24, 2022