Intelligent Data Management Cloud Summer Launch, 2021

Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai

Chief Product Officer

Achieve Data Intelligence with Trusted Data and AI.

Key innovations are revealed at Informatica's Summer Launch 2021

At the Informatica World virtual event in April, we unveiled our Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), the industry’s only intelligent data management cloud. The IDMC is an industry-first, cloud-native, most comprehensive, AI-powered with the CLAIRE engine, end-to-end data management platform delivering intelligent cloud services. Our goal with IDMC is to drive digital transformation in enterprises by putting data at the core of their business initiatives and decisions.

Today, we are excited to announce Intelligent Data Management Cloud Summer Launch, 2021 encompassing recent IDMC innovations which I describe in detail below. The latest innovations were enabled by Informatica’s continued focus on IDMC investment and execution, acknowledging the evolution of architectures in the cloud and recognizing the critical importance of data and analytics powered by cloud architectures. We continue to methodically invest and build out our capabilities-rich IDMC which runs on Azure, AWS, and GCP to connect data consumers to the data they need. IDMC encompasses Data Integration, API and Application Integration, Data Quality, Data Cataloging, Master Data Management, and 360 Views for Customers, Business, and other business-critical domains, all on a foundation of robust governance and privacy.

Now, why did we launch and reinvent ourselves as an Intelligent Data Management Cloud? 

Our Commitment to the New World: Modern Cloud ELT for Cloud DW/L

The Old World of data processing involved extraction with connectors from mainframes, applications, databases, and transformation with an ETL runtime engine, and loading into a data warehouse appliance, a data mart and more – supported by ETL developers – for BI reporting and analytics. In that world, we provided you the ability to leverage our breadth of high-performance connectors, built a relational star schema optimized engine, and enabled processing and loading all of these into data warehouse appliances, data marts, and relational data databases with no-code mapping and design experiences to avoid a hard-coded, Wild West approach while adhering to an SDLC process. That was our commitment to you in the old star schema world. 

In the New World, with the separation of compute and storage, you still need a compute stack, connectors, and storage. However, the number of data sources now has fragmented and exploded to include emerging SAS cloud native sources, real time sensors, instruments, and more. Thus, instead of ETL, you must take all of these data and load it into Cloud-Native elastic storage, process and transform, curate and prepare it with whatever compute that you prefer, thereby supporting many more initiatives beyond business reporting and analytics like AI/ML, Streaming analytics, and XOps, empowering a much larger array of data consumers like data engineers, citizen integrators, data scientists.

In this new world, in this new architecture, we recognize that it is extract, load and transform (ELT). We have reinvented ourselves with the broadest portfolio of high-performance metadata-aware connectors to extract and rapidly, massively ingest into your choice of cloud Lake storage – whether it’s AWS S3, Azure ADLS, Google Cloud Storage, Databricks, or Snowflake – leveraging our ELT optimized runtime engine. We have enabled through advanced pushdown optimization the deployment and processing at petabyte scale on AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse, Google BigQuery, Databricks, or Snowflake as well as our own Spark-serverless engine. We have pioneered and built our own AI-powered engine, CLAIRE, to deliver low-code/no-code, intuitive data pipeline development experiences including CI/CD DataOps and MLOps. We have enabled data practitioners of all skill sets to process and manage data at an unprecedented scale.

This is the innovation that we have delivered, representing the foundation on which we have built our IDMC.

What is new in IDMC Summer Launch, 2021?

Now, let’s take a look at what we have achieved with our most recent innovations in each key area of the IDMC:

Governance, Cataloging, & Privacy – Accelerates trusted insights and achieves data intelligence through data and analytics governance with instant access to the industry’s only unified, cloud-native Data Governance and Catalog SaaS offering.

Data Warehouse Modernization and Lake – Delivers up to 10x faster performance with advanced push-down optimizations and up to 10x faster performance with Cloud Data Integration Elastic (CDI-e).

Application Modernization – Eliminates tightly coupled architectures, reducing the cost and complexity of integrating multiple systems and applications with a modern pub-sub Data Hub.

Business 360 – Accelerates MDM deployments with a new no-code Application Composer that simplifies configuration of MDM SaaS services and enhances user experience for improved productivity.

Flexible Consumption-based pricing – Optimizes your data management costs by providing a broad range of iPaaS Intelligent Cloud Services with IPU-based pricing, enabling you to dynamically scale up or down and leverage capabilities that fit your needs.

CLAIRE (AI-Powered, Unified Metadata Intelligence) – Improves time-to-value with a Metadata Knowledge Graph that delivers intelligence to automate and augment data management, to make smart recommendations, and to deliver context and insight for better business decisions.

Informaticans, seize opportunities with data

To our Informaticans – Informatica’s global community of data led practitioners: you are at the heart of IDMC innovations. We are building out these capabilities to help you power data management in a cloud-native, multi-cloud, multi-hybrid world so that you can leverage all your skill sets and empower your organizations to embark on, scale, and accelerate their data-driven digital transformations. Understand that you are not alone. As you endeavor to achieve unprecedented personal and business results, we have got your back. We are here to help you gain insights to succeed with your product investments, to provide training and product certifications, and to expand your skills and knowledge. Get engaged with like-minded data advocates!

What’s next for you?

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First Published: Jul 08, 2021