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Last Published: Aug 05, 2021 |
Jennifer McGinn
Jennifer McGinn

Sr. Director of Product Marketing

360 degree views

Business uncertainty is at an all-time high. As organizations react to changing consumer patterns and behaviors, priorities shift to accommodate increased e-commerce and digital sales, the need to build a more efficient supply chain, stricter demands around financial reporting accuracy, as well as overall customer experience. Domain-specific 360 solutions allow you to build resiliency and continuity by providing visibility into insights across the entire business.

Leaders recognize that data and analytics are critical to successfully navigating uncertainty and succeeding with digital transformation. Entering new circumstances, addressing new questions, identifying new patterns, and generating new insights rely on a foundation of trusted and complete data. With master data management and domain-specific 360-degree views, you can answer questions such as:

  • What products are customers buying and through which channels?
  • What is the available supply of those products?
  • Can I get them or similar products from alternate suppliers?
  • At what cost? And how quickly?
  • What’s the impact of expedited shipping on profitability?

And with the increasing need for quick decision making and complexity of data in the Data 4.0 world, AI and machine learning can help automate and scale matching, consolidation, and cleansing of data, while also increasing productivity, reducing costs, and accelerating time to value.

What’s new in MDM

To support businesses in today’s challenging times, Informatica announces continued innovation and advancement in its portfolio of Master Data Management and 360 solutions.

Accelerate digital commerce with the MDM–Product 360, with its UI now aligned and tailored to business user efficiency and broader visibility of end-to-end activity, resulting in increased conversion rates, basket size and profitability.

  • Composite API: We simplified our API integration to ensure you can surface accurate product/item data in every channel
  • Enhanced Audit Trail: A newly designed audit trail for easier tracking of changes and rollbacks at individual product level that help you ensure compliance with regulations
  • Revamped UI: A fresh look and feel for the UI tailored to offer better product experience to your business users
  • Application Management Monitoring:Ability to view detailed system health and monitoring visualization

Optimize collaboration and increase productivity with MDM–Customer 360 self-service portals for B2B customers and suppliers to manage their master data.

  • Portal Configuration: Portal Configuration tool for ease of customization where youcreate or edit pages, control accesstopages based onstate managementandroles.
  • Customer Portal: New self-service customer portal for customer contacts to manage their organizations master data

Improve financial health, reporting and analysis productivity with advanced hierarchy management capabilities within cloud-native MDM–Reference 360.

  • Advanced hierarchies: Configure and manage alternate forms of hierarchies, including multi-dimensional hierarchy with multiple node types. Enable crosswalk between complex business and financial hierarchies, filtering and exporting filtered hierarchies.
  • Validations: Ability to apply additional validation rules and multiple rules on code value attributes
  • Business rules: Business users can now edit reference data in bulk with validations and delayed fixes of validation errors

business rules

Ensure customer loyalty and retention by delivering richer views into customer behaviors and patterns for more precise and granular customer segmentation and personalization with Customer 360 Insights.

  • Segmentation: Build customer segments using the interactive visual query builder​. Manage, analyze, preview and export segments.
  • Foundation for Analytics: Configure and consume 3rd party ML models.
  • Ease of Implementation/Configuration: ​ UI configuration enhancements and enhanced access management for multiple role assignments to a single user
  • Usability and business readiness: Improved performance on EID and indexing



Informatica offers the only MDM solution with AI for automated data consolidation, cleansing, and linking to deliver the insights needed for business continuity and resiliency with a complete 360-degree view ofthebusiness​. Informatica is the first to leverage a cross-domain, business-oriented approach to master data management, connecting domains across customer, product, supplier, and finance in a single solution designed for fast business value. Join our product experts on at our Fall Launch to learn more and see our innovations in action—register for the session that’s best for you:

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First Published: Oct 11, 2020