MDM & 360 Applications Customer Best Practices from Informatica World 2022

Last Published: Aug 15, 2022 |
Antonia Renner
Antonia Renner

Sr. Principal Solutions Marketing Manager

Staying competitive in a digital-first world isn’t easy. Successful businesses know they must build trust in their data. One way to build trust is to unify master and activity data across departments and functions with Master Data Management (MDM). Businesses can then use this trusted data to innovate products and services. They can apply what a better understanding of their customers to enhance customer experience. And with improved visibility into their financial data, they can drive key business initiatives for the organization.

Breakout sessions featuring Informatica customers were very popular this year at Informatica World 2022. Attendees told us that they wanted to hear about best practices from organizations that use Informatica MDM & 360 Applications. With that in mind, we’d like to share some highlights from these customer sessions:

1. Versant Health: Fulfilling its Long-term Vision with Customer 360 SaaS

Versant Health is a premier vision care company serving 40 million members. To deliver the best experience for their members, Versant needs to align a complex ecosystem of many diverse and legacy systems. They wanted to leverage internal and external data that was consistent, standardized and synchronized. Working with partner LumenData, Versant turned to MDM to align their provider, member, client and broker data. In this session, Gman Rajan showed how Informatica Customer 360 SaaS and Data as a Service (DaaS) helps Versant to streamline onboarding, manage health care providers and increase accuracy while increasing productivity.

2. Encino Energy: From Zero to Real-Time Master Data with IICS in Weeks

Encino Energy is a private Texas-based natural gas and oil operating company. To meet the requirements of a 2018 acquisition, Encino needed to absorb all physical and technological assets in less than six months. They also needed to scale its workforce from 25 to more than 260 employees. To eliminate their existing “spaghetti architecture,” Encino embraced a data-as-an-asset culture. Following strategic guidelines and a logical architecture, they created the Encino Operating System (EOS). Now, these agile, cloud-first technologies help Encino employees make timely, accurate decisions.

3. Pentair: Digital Transformation & Automation with MDM - Product 360

Pentair delivers sustainable solutions that help people move, improve and enjoy water. Inconsistent product information from disconnected sources posed a challenge for this global company. Pentair wanted a better way to distribute product data across multiple business and languages. They also wanted to improve product experience for its direct to consumer (D2C) channel and B2B customers. The solution? Central, scalable enterprise Product Information Management (PIM). This session shows how Pentair accelerated its digital transformation and improved product experience. In this session, Myles Chapmans explains how they automated multiple PIM workflows, improved omnichannel management and achieved significant efficiency gains.

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4. Why and How of Master Data Management with Data & Technology Leaders

In an interactive and lively panel session, data and technology leaders talked about MDM use cases. These leaders from AgFirst, American Cancer Society, and Hyster-Yale have years of experience helping organizations identify business pain points and create master data strategies. They have also played major roles helping companies deploy successful MDM and data governance solutions that deliver tangible business value. In this session, the panel discussed how to define use cases, evaluate tools, best practices for implementation, and more.

5. How Schlumberger Drives Real-Time Business Insights using Informatica SaaS

There is an ever-increasing business demand for real-time, high-quality information. Trusted data that’s available at the right time can become the basis for enabling global teams to improve profitability. Schlumberger, a leader in global energy technology, knows this. It’s why they use Informatica's low-code/no-code approach to create an enterprise-wide view of master and reference data. They then combine this view with the power of multitenant SaaS architecture. In their session, Schlumberger shared how they increased spend visibility, improved supply management strategies, analyzed leased asset operations, and supported environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting as part of their sustainability activities.

6. Amgen’s Enterprise MDM Journey Towards a Connected Data Fabric

Global biotechnology company Amgen serves patients by developing life-saving therapies. At Informatica World, they spoke about how enterprise MDM helps the company in its journey towards a connected data fabric. They began by combining industry expertise from ZS Associates with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud. This allows Amgen to use MDM as a service to support end-to-end use cases spanning different lines of business. Their new end-to-end approach includes commercial, R&D, compliance, supply chain and operations. Amgen’s discussion didn’t just touch on the role that enterprise MDM plays in building their data fabric capability. They also spoke about the challenges they faced with a connected data ecosystem. They presented information about the type of architecture and governance structure they used. And they talked about the benefits they’ve already realized and what’s in store for Amgen enterprise MDM in the future.

7. Festo's journey to a cloud-driven data strategy

Festo is a worldwide leader in automation, technical training and education. 20,000 employees in 61 countries manage complex projects to make the working world more productive and sustainable. They use a cloud-based product information management solution to enhance productivity. Mario John, Festo’s Head of Information Management Cross Functions and Tobias Wrobel, Parsionate, explained how Festo created a data strategy to help the company succeed amidst supply chain disruptions and lockdowns. They also shared best practices for implementing MDM and PIM solutions to help reach strategic business goals.

8. ZBA Improves Client Care Using Informatica Customer 360

One of Belgium’s leading care organizations, the 4,000 employees of Zorgbedrijf Antwerp (ZBA) provide care for 20,000 seniors and youth. The ZBA network includes healthcare facilities, residential care centers and home services. To expand its services in a complex legislative environment, ZBA needed to become more customer centric. This required ZBA to take a more centralized approach to customer data management. Hear how ZBA implemented Customer 360 in record time, and how they’ve created a central platform for customer data that returns high ROI for ZBA.

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9. A Framework for Publishing Master Data in Real Time at ServiceNow

ServiceNow’s cloud-based platform helps companies find smarter, faster and better ways to work. For them, sharing business-critical data is essential for developing successful customer-focused programs. For transactional use cases (such as when two systems are exchanging master data or enforcing GDPR regulations), being able to detect data as it changes, and real-time publishing are key capabilities. In this session, Dinesh Kumar reviews the framework used by ServiceNow for near real-time publishing. He explains how ServiceNow uses synchronized, accurate data from MDM across a growing number of cloud applications to add value and utility. And he shares how this event-driven architecture creates a flexible yet powerful way to indicate the changed attributes with metadata.

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First Published: Jul 06, 2022