Self-service Data Sharing Made Easy: Intelligent Data Management Cloud Fall Launch, 2021

Last Published: Jul 12, 2022 |
Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai

Chief Product Officer

Unlock Collaboration, Build Trust, and Democratize Data

On the heels of our IPO last month on the New York Stock Exchange, I am excited to share Informatica’s latest innovations with the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud Fall Launch, 2021. As the industry’s first cloud-native data management cloud, IDMC provides complete, comprehensive, AI-powered data management capabilities, including data catalog, data integration, API and application integration, data prep, data quality, master data management, and a data marketplace, on a foundation of governance and privacy.

Technology for Today’s Digital Economy

The digital economy runs on connected data. Yet many business leaders find it difficult to understand the context for the data on which their decisions are based. They also often struggle to determine whether they can trust the data and whether they’re authorized to use it. Establishing trust in data can mean the difference between data being misused—and thereby becoming a liability—or data being used appropriately to drive sound business decisions and achieve predictable and reliable outcomes.

To overcome these challenges, IDMC’s new industry-first cloud data marketplace provides self-service data sharing that enables users of all skill levels to find the right data at the right time using seamless data shopping. Operational and analytics teams driving decisions in enterprises can now access relevant, trusted data, delivered conveniently on-demand. Citizen data consumers without extensive technical or data literacy skills can now easily find, understand, and access published data. These capabilities enable everyone across the enterprise to easily get the data they need to do their jobs.

Organizations also need a better, faster, more reliable way to integrate and deliver timely data and analytics to lines of business. Whether you are already delivering cloud analytics—or planning to build a data warehouse on Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Cloud BigQuery, or Snowflake—IDMC provides high-performance, easy-to-use data integration. Powered by CLAIRE, our own AI-powered data management engine, IDMC constantly evaluates the performance of the processing engines and workload fluctuations and helps you to identify the right data integration pattern for your use case, be it elastic processing, ELT (extract, load, and transform), or ETL (extract, transform, and load).

Now let’s look in detail at what else is new in IDMC.

Fall Launch 2021: Top New IDMC Capabilities

Here are the innovations we introduced in four key areas of IDMC:

Data Governance, Privacy and Catalog: Enable data consumers to find, understand, access, and trust the data they need with the industry’s first cloud data marketplace. Simplify and accelerate application of data quality standards at scale with cloud-native data governance and catalog as a service with automated data quality assessments. Enable deep metadata connectivity and automated data lineage across multi-cloud and hybrid with new advanced scanners.

Data Warehouse and Lake: Democratize cloud data engineering with wizard-driven app ingestion and change data capture and increase productivity with augmented data integration leveraging CLAIRE-powered self-integrating systems. Increase collaboration between data scientists and data engineers with automated MLOps and DataOps capabilities, and govern costs by automatically leveraging AWS Spot instances and Graviton processors—and save up to 90% on your compute costs.

Business 360: Now you can safeguard the success of every digital transformation with augmented MDM and adopt MDM faster by removing error-prone manual efforts when moving MDM into production. New support for business self-service features visual analytics and business collaboration with tailored workflows for reference data management.

AI-Powered Automation with CLAIRE: Accelerate time-to-value and reduce costs by automatically inferring and recommending common data quality rules, automating schema mappings by identifying objects that are semantically related, and reducing manual stewardship efforts with a self-learning bot that predicts curation requirements for uncurated data assets.

Be a Part of the Informatica Community

Digital transformation is a team sport. The Informatica global community of data-led practitioners is top of mind when we develop IDMC innovations. We are invested in your success in helping your organization move forward. New IDMC capabilities introduced at Fall Launch 2021 make it easier than ever to unlock cross-functional collaboration to build a more data-informed, insight-driven culture. We have a wealth of resources for you to grow your skill set, including training sessions, product certifications, and most of all, a community for you to share ideas and insights. Get inspired—engage with us today!

Next Steps

Missed our live Fall Launch event or want to watch it again? Check out the on-demand sessions. 

First Published: Nov 18, 2021