The Time is Now: Unveiling the Intelligent Data Management Cloud

Last Published: Jul 12, 2022 |
Jitesh Ghai
Jitesh Ghai

Chief Product Officer

Informatcia unveils the Intelligent Data Management Cloud

In my time with the company, Informatica has had some ground-breaking, stellar moments. But at this year’s Informatica World we announced our biggest innovation yet: the launch of Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud. This is a proud moment for us at Informatica, and we’re excited to unveil these new capabilities to our customers to help them with their digital transformations. 

The time is now. The opportunity for our customers across the world is now. Our Intelligent Data Management Cloud is the most complete and comprehensive AI-powered data management cloud in the industry. Indeed, it’s one of a kind in the world. This has been the culmination of many years of focused investment and execution. Our investment of hundreds of millions of dollars annually in innovation has led to the industry’s first intelligent data management cloud. 

If you are embarking on data warehouse modernization to the cloud, we will automate it for you. If you’re embarking on reimagining your customer experience, we will build that 360-degree view of your business for you. If you’re embarking on a data governance and privacy initiative, we will empower you. Regardless of how you are transforming, we are ready to bring you the innovation and execution you need for your digital transformation and business outcomes. The time for innovation is now

There has never been a more exciting time to be part of this global community of Informaticans! We are driving an enormous amount of innovation on behalf of our customers. It’s why we’re consistently ranked number one in customer loyalty and number one in customer experience. And our track record of innovation is why we have been recognized consistently as an industry leader. 

Three principles of our innovation: simplicity, productivity, and scale

Informatica has three guiding principles when it comes to innovation. We aim for simplicity first. That means low-code, no-code data access, processing, and usage for all data consumers. Then, productivity. We created AI-powered automation to drive amazing new levels of worker productivity for your company. Finally, scale. Our products can scale from departmental workloads in specific lines of business to enterprise-scale, mission-critical workloads that span your entire organization. 

We used these guiding principles for the launch of the Intelligent Data Management Cloud. Our cloud is designed to help businesses efficiently handle the complex challenges of dispersed and fragmented data to truly innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud and multi-hybrid. 

Informatica's Intelligent Data Management Cloud is designed to help businesses efficiently handle the complex challenges of dispersed and fragmented data to truly innovate with their data on any platform, any cloud, multi-cloud and multi-hybrid.

The Intelligent Data Management Cloud delivers all your data management needs — from a data catalogdata integrationAPI integrationdata prepdata quality, and a data marketplace, to master data management (MDM) infused with Customer 360 and Business 360 views and intelligent insights and a foundation of data governance and privacy.

This is the industry’s most secure and trusted cloud. We benchmark ourselves with security certifications against our AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform partner peer group. On this trusted cloud, we’re processing over 22 trillion cloud transactions a month for thousands of our customers, leveraging 11 petabytes of active metadata today to drive this intelligence and automation.

How our new Intelligent Data Management Cloud works

What is the magic that makes all of this happen? It’s our 250+ intelligent cloud services. And that number is growing as we release new features.

Informatica's 260+ intelligent cloud services is growing.

We are delivering key capabilities for data consumers and data practitioners. From discovering and understanding your data, to accessing and ingesting it wherever you want it. To curating and preparing it for analytics, data science, and other business transformations. To cleansing and ensuring its trust. And bringing all of this data together to build an authoritative, single source of truth.

Discover and understand – A metadata-driven approach for complete understanding
We are powering discovery and understanding through our catalog service, through our data similarity service, through our profiling service, discovery and classification powered by AI, and many other services. We are building a complete understanding, leveraging hundreds of metadata scanners of your enterprise data estate. We offer the industry’s first and only “catalog of catalogs” with the broadest metadata connectivity, automated end-to-end lineage and automated data value capture across multi-cloud, multi-hybrid environments.

Access and ingest – Real-time access to trusted data with mass ingestion
We are providing you access to trusted data by leveraging our 57,000+ metadata aware connectors. You can easily access the data where you find it and ingest it to where you need it by leveraging database mass ingestion, file mass ingestion, streaming application mass ingestion, and database pushdown optimization. Combining that with database change data capture, application change data capture services, and so much more, you can trust you are getting the most up-to-date data for your business priorities. We offer the industry’s first and only unified platform for automated mass ingestion for files, database, applications and streaming with intelligent schema drift, automated structure derivation from unstructured data, and an easy 4-step ingestion wizard across multi-cloud, multi-hybrid environments.

Curate and prepare – Create your data pipelines in minutes
Curate, prepare, and integrate your data with the industry’s fastest engine with AI/ML driven auto-scaling for your data pipelines, advanced pushdown optimization driving 50x performance improvement to transform datasets natively on cloud ecosystems, and Spark-based elastic engine on Kubernetes processing terabytes of data in minutes. Save 70% of your data engineers’ time every month with a dynamic mapping framework, automatic schema drift support, and easy drag-and-drop design experience with 100+ prebuilt functions and templates. With the industry’s first and only cloud-native, serverless data management solution you can simplify and lower your total cost of ownership.

Cleanse and trust – Trusted data across your organization
And the same applies to leveraging our data quality, our address, email, and phone verification services, and our rule building services. We automatically generate data quality logic from business rules and process at petabyte scale within one mapping, wherever you want it — in our engine or in your compute – and automatically apply the data quality rules across your data estate. Informatica offers the first and only micro-services based multi-tenant cloud data quality solution integrated with the industry’s leading iPaaS.

Single source of truth and 360 views – A single view of your data across the enterprise
Create an intelligent 360-degree view across your entire business to improve business process efficiency, analytics and decision making, and cross-functional collaboration throughout your enterprise. Only Informatica provides comprehensive, all-in-one master data management capabilities and 360 solutions built on the industry’s first Intelligent Data Management Cloud.

Share and deliver – The right data where you want it
To democratize data, we share and deliver data through partner B2B portals, through API portals, through our data marketplace service, through our shopping cart and fulfillment service. Sharing and delivering enables users across lines of business to discover the great work that’s typically held in silos. All of this is done on a foundation of governance and protection. We empower data consumers with trusted data via self-service with the industry’s first and only intelligent and automated data marketplace.

Govern and protect – Built on a foundation of data governance
To be successful, organizations need a foundation of trusted data. This enables them to know where to find the data, what it means, if it’s reliable, and if they should access it. A data governance and privacy strategy delivers this foundation. Informatica offers the only comprehensive, integrated, intelligent data governance solution that spans definition, discovery, quality, privacy and data democratization.

Powered by CLAIRE ™
The foundation of all of this technology is our AI and ML engine, CLAIRE. Built on a modern, cloud-native, elastic, serverless microservices stack, CLAIRE connects data consumers to the data sources that they need. In that way, our Intelligent Data Management Cloud truly democratizes data — and then unifies your data to form an authoritative, single source of truth to create authentic data-driven organizations.

All of this adds up to a plethora of industry firsts to help our customers succeed in their digital transformation.

Intelligent and automated data management

Today, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud delivers intelligent and automated data management across all lines of business and all data consumers. Whether you are on a data team — data engineering and data science — the marketing team, or other lines of business, you get a comprehensive set of services that automates data management. From mainframes to databases on-premises and in the cloud, from unstructured to complex hierarchical and relational file formats, the Intelligent Data Management Cloud brings it all together to automate data management and derive intelligence that truly democratizes your data to drive data-driven business success.

Next Steps

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First Published: Apr 18, 2021