Enterprise Data Preparation

Democratize and operationalize data preparation at enterprise scale.



Key Features

Machine learning–enabled data preparation

Generate dataset and recipe recommendations powered by the Informatica CLAIRE™ engine and speed data preparation.

AI-powered data catalog

Perform rapid data discovery, collaboration, and social curation. Visualize and track movement of datasets with end-to-end data lineage and impact analysis.

Optimized for the cloud

Easily import, upload, or publish files on AWS S3 and Microsoft ADLS, including comprehensive support for ADLS Gen2.

Scalable with flexible options

Support Apache Parquet, Avro, and CSV file import; upload or publish to data lakes; and bring any structured or unstructured data into data engineering pipelines.

Automated data cleansing, transformation, and data quality

Natively process data at enterprise scale with pre-built data integration transformations. Data quality capabilities help ensure consistency and accuracy.

Intelligent error handling and data masking

Automatic discovery of errors such as NULL values, plus powerful masking and encryption capabilities to identify and protect sensitive data.

Operationalized data preparation

Record data prep steps as reusable data pipeline mappings for quick execution via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

IT-governed user privilege control

Enable user activity control for importing, uploading, or downloading Microsoft Excel files and other resources.

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