Customer Success Stories

Informatica’s customers have one thing in common—they put great data at the center of everything they do.

85 of the Fortune 100 lead with Informatica

Informatica provided the self-service data integration A.W. Hastings needed to improve decision making and build prosperous customer relationships

Reduced time required to load data by 20 percent

Promoting Culture and Tourism: Bringing More Visitors to Abu Dhabi Using Trusted Data

ACE Hardware increased developer productivity 60 percent with PowerCenter

ACH Food saved $3 million in data migration costs with Informatica products

Addivant drastically improves its sales process with Informatica cloud

Adventist Health System unifies its ERP systems and developed a Data Governance program for business agility

Leading energy services provider uses Informatica PowerCenter to improve data processing performance by 400% and achieve full ROI in under one year.

AIA Singapore Automates Data Delivery, Personalizing Customer Interactions

Using Informatica PowerCenter, the Air Force identified more than $600 million in excess parts and recouped $300,000 in excess equipment in one week.

Informatica analytics solution enables aerospace company to cut SAP migration development time by 30%, migration costs by 40% and increase agility.

Al-Jeel medical company Accelerates the Sales Cycle and Improves Decision Making with real-time integration.

Amdocs improves the efficiency and quality of data-migration and reduces rollout time for large transformation projects.

Leading Spanish telecommunications provider Amena minimizes risk of deploying new CRM system using Informatica data integration and data quality.

Leading utility company Ameren uses Informatica PowerCenter to accelerate merger time to value and cut data migration costs by 30%.

American Equity Investment Life Insurance increases business in the broker dealer space by 400%.

AmerisourceBergen Accelerates Self-Service with a Solid Data Foundation

Anaplan: Making the Right Connections

Clinical Software Company: Improving Public Health Through Accelerated Clinical Trials

Digital Media Company: Powering Predictive Modeling

Financial Services Company Drives Customer-First Approach

Flagship State University: More Data, More Grants

Full-Service U.S. Bank: One Bank, One Customer View

German Automaker: Driving Results

Global Asset Management Company: Modernizing Distribution Analytics

Global BioTech Organization: Powering Genetic Research

Global Car Rental Company Grows Revenue with Master Data Management

Global Computer Security Software Company provides advanced security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments.

Turning Data into Energy: Global Oil and Gas Leader Transforms Data Management to Keep Energy Moving

Modernizing Public Broadcasting: Major Broadcasting Company Delights Audiences with Preferred Viewing Options

International Oilfield Services Company Fuels Innovation

Large Retailer Helps Customers Personalize their Beauty Routines

Leading Health Technology Company Promotes Healthy Living Using Predictive Modeling

Modernizing Public Broadcasting: Major Broadcasting Company Delights Audiences with Preferred Viewing Options

Multi-Hospital Health System: Enhancing Patient Outcomes

A Data-Driven Toy Story: Accelerating Toy Development and Delivery

Online Tool Retailer Builds on Success, Bringing Supplies to Businesses Worldwide

Enhancing Visibility: Meeting Data Governance Standards while Personalizing Insurance Service Delivery

Public Financial Services Company: Finding a Home for Data

Location Is Everything

State Human Services Provider Enables One-Click Access to Vital Social Services

Building an Omnichannel Strategy: Tools Retailer Accelerates Product Launches, Gearing Up for Increased Sales

Creating Healthier Communities at this Top-Rated HealthCare Provider

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center (FDA) for Drug Evaluation and Research’s Data Driven Transformation

Creating Lifelong Relationships: Private Research University Builds Loyalty using Data to Personalize the Student Experience

AppDynamics wanted to evolve to where it could govern the entire application lifecycle and give businesses actionable insights for better decision-making.

Energy processing expertise consultancy meets the demand for trusted, timely data 50% faster with Informatica, compared with customized solution.

Transformation Insurance: Generali Goes Digital with a Trusted Data Foundation

Public sector business portal uses Informatica Identity Resolution to fuel growth through advice, statistics, innovation and investment.

Leading automotive marketplace uses multidomain Informatica MDM to grow advertising revenues, improve data governance and reduce cost of partner relationships.

Health care information network accelerates move to HIPAA 4010/5010A transaction processing; reduces compliance costs with Informatica.

Working with Informatica to create a Data Quality Center of Excellence (COE), Avaya is driving out defective data that drove up expenses and cut into revenue.

Avis Budget Group Optimizes Vehicle Rental Services Using Real-Time Data

Using Informatica MDM – Product 360, Avnet enhances the customer and supplier experience

A Strong Case: Avvo Delivers Big Data Marketing Insights to Lawyers

Data-Driven Insurance: How AXA XL Is Using Big Data to Streamline Customer Product Offering

Eliminated up to 33 years of manual data analysis and coding.

Bank of Dalian Uses Informatica Data Masking Solution to Protect Sensitive Data

International shipping company uses Informatica PowerCenter business integration solution to shrink reporting time from weeks to hours and improve cross-sell capability.

On-demand Informatica Cloud Services provides synchronization between Bay and Bay's logistics databases and Salesforce CRM.

BBVA Compass sources new data 50% more quickly

Canadian energy provider uses Informatica Data Replication to create real-time insight into energy consumption patterns and help customers manage their electricity use.

Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) is one of the world’s top carriers for international voice & mobile data traffic, with more than 100 global points of presence.

The low-latency messaging backbone for high-performance options trading helped trading clients be more agile and grow revenues

With Informatica’s help, BMC Software seamlessly transforms complex technology into extraordinary business performance

BMW Group Uses Master Data to Extend its Brand Experience Across All Customer Touchpoints

Using Informatica PowerCenter, BNSF securely and efficiently integrated its mainframe resident, disparate operational data repositories

BNY Mellon accelerated a successful merger using Informatica’s real-time integration products

Bouwmaat pioneers a multichannel strategy in B2B construction with Informatica PIM

Transforming B2B Customer Experiences: Rich Product Data Helps Bradley Corporation Drive Sales and Site Visits

Finding the Right Chemistry: Braskem Enhances Petrochemical Factory Efficiency

With Informatica Cloud, British Telecom streamlines and accelerates executive decisions by unifying reporting across nine Salesforce instances and multiple business units.

Brocade saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in deployment and maintenance costs; increases developer productivity tenfold with Informatica.

Completed a Salesforce CRM migration in one third of the time and used fewer people than anticipated

Leading sales performance management software provider achieves 3316% ROI by end of second year and complete payback in 5.9 months using Informatica PowerCenter.

Making Campers Happier

World’s largest wheat and barley marketer uses Informatica PowerCenter to deliver timely business intelligence to decision makers, farmers and industry partners.

Illuminating Business Performance

Leading business continuity solutions provider uses Informatica Cloud to share relevant and trustworthy Salesforce.com information in real-time.

Reduced operating costs for financial reporting

Celcom Improves Data Governance to Accelerate 5G Innovation

Led to a 30% increase in integration productivity.

From Big Win to Big Data: How Chicago Cubs Uses Informatica to Build Lifelong Fans

Simple, robust, ultralow-latency messaging infrastructure helps exchange retain clients and grow business.

China Life Property and Casualty Insurance Upgrades Its Data Analysis System With Informatica PowerCenter

CHRISTUS Health uses an enterprise information management system to efficiently capture, normalize, and interrogate data

With Informatica PowerCenter, Chubb improved its understanding of customer needs, and increased its ability to identify growth opportunities

Citrix uses Informatica solutions to gain complete customer insight on all products

This leading public health network uses Informatica B2B Data Transformation to integrate legacy data in more than 300 data formats and improve patient outcomes.

New Zealand manufacturer uses Informatica to cut order processing time by 50%, eliminate $60,000 in annual third-party distribution fees and cut time to on-board new EDI customers in half.

Maintained data integrity and data access after the data was archived.

Navigating a Changing Healthcare Landscape

IT, consulting and business-process service provider uses Informatica to reduce total test management time by approximately 20% and maintain confidentiality of test data.

Informatica Platform automates data migration and optimizes management information and reports for the European discount distributor.

Comcast processes massive amounts of streaming data from customer devices to understand consumer preferences and proactively address customer experience issues.

Community Technology Alliance: A Mission to Help the Homeless

Con-Way Reduced OPEX through more efficient and effective cross-dock operations with PowerCenter

Condé Nast goes from "data as a nuisance" to "data as an asset" with Informatica

Coop Alleanza 3.0 Unifies Retail Operations to Create Europe’s Largest Cooperative

Medical insurance provider uses Informatica to connect data and achieve 50% saving over custom-coded solution, automation of previously manual maintenance tasks and ROI in less than two years.

Covéa Rebuilds Its Customer Reference Database with MDM Hub

Learn how CVS Health automates its data quality processes, accelerating client reporting, enhancing member care, and reducing potential data issues by 99%.

PowerCenter enabled Daewoo to increase data processing performance, accelerate order processing speed by more than 50% and reduce recovery response time from four hours to 25 minutes.

Cancer care institute introduces one common platform for enterprise reporting and analytic purposes; reduces time to prepare research funding reports from six days to one and a half days with Informatica.

De Mandemakers Group Leverages Product Data to Build a Superior Customer Experience

Diversified HMO uses Informatica PowerCenter to migrate health care data safely from legacy systems to a new infrastructure and more effectively analyze all available data on patients, treatments, outcomes and research

Informatica helps leading integrated telecommunications company meet regulatory requirements for data security and provide customers with products and services tailored to their requirements.

Leading global manufacturer of consumer brands uses Informatica PowerCenter to streamline supply chain management and inventory control, and lower IT costs.

New Jersey based electronic marketplace saves $1 million in hardware cost, decreases latency by 83% and achieves 100% uptime in data delivery using Informatica Ultra Messaging.

Discount Tire is the world’s largest independent tire and wheel retailer, with more than 900 stores in 28 states. The company is owned by The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation, and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Driving Data Governance: DVSA Helps Make Britain’s Roads Safer with Trusted Data

eBay implements a Data and Governance program to improve the quality of information, drive operational efficiency, and make faster business decisions.

Leading French energy provider accelerated development of new applications, cut cost of development and improved maintenance using Informatica PowerCenter.

Data quality strategy enables Irish telecommunications company to dramatically reduce number of employees doing manual data entry, and standardized data from multiple systems.

Deployment of PowerCenter led to a 25% reduction in time-to-benefit for systems rolled out to new business areas.

Lighting the Way With Data: How Elektro-Material Doubled Digital Sales

Good Medicine for Data-Driven Decisions: Eli Lilly & Co. Builds a Marketplace for Trusted Data

Using Informatica MDM – Product 360 as an effective and centralized resource for customer intelligence and high quality product information.

Deployed Informatica to create a single version of the truth across disparate business units and lay the foundation for a master data hub.

EMC Insurance utilizes Informatica Secure@Source for a full scope of visibility into sensitive data

It’s Showtime: Emerald Expositions Uses Data to Drive Event Sales

Delivers time-tested and innovative solutions designed to help customers reduce plant maintenance cost, reduce capital requirements, reduce cost of regulatory compliance and increase process availability.

Celebrated music publisher uses Informatica Identity Resolution to more accurately identifying compliance and infringement issues, improve accuracy of royalty payments and increase operational efficiency.

Emirates NBD embarks in customer experience journey

Reduced typical customer data exchange and transformation development time from a couple months to a few days

Equinix: Consolidated analytics improve decision making

Taking a Stand: Ergotron Helps Customers Rethink Workspaces by Transforming Customer Service

Etiqa Grows Insurance Business using a Single, Holistic, View of Customers

Europe’s leading car rental company uses Informatica PowerCenter to accelerate decision making, enhance the customer experience and increase business agility.

Building a Road to the Future: Eurovia Taps the Power of Data to Drive Innovation

Successfully integrated 400,000 customer accounts from acquired bank in one weekend

Informatica helped Fannie Mae ensure clean and correct data is collected and integrated from 100+ data sources

Fastweb provides consistent, reliable data for more effective customer targeting.

Improving Food Security

From Power to Mobile: Fjordkraft Enhances Customer Service using a Single Source of Truth for Data

Reduced time to deliver reports on issues such as revenue, traffic, violations and safety from up to three months to four hours.

FMG Suite Demonstrates Value Across the Organization with Informatica Data as a Service

Migrated business data from five systems to a single platform, creating more tightly integrated business processes.

Utility company uses Informatica PowerCenter in HR department: shortens access to HR metrics from three weeks to one day, and enables end users to spot and understand trends and drivers.

Enhancing Data Management Capabilities with Data Governance

Fresno Pacific University.

Frost Bank standardizes on Informatica Platform for application data integration and data quality

Geiger used Informatica PIM to create a cohesive, centralized platform for omnichannel commerce

Informatica Solutions Plays a Vital Role in the Construction of Generali China Life Insurance’s Business Intelligence (BI) Platform

GfK Retain and Technology France is the world’s leading market research firm for tracking point-of-sale data in technical consumer goods and the entertainment media markets.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare company uses Informatica PowerCenter to reduce development costs by 30%, lower time to perform routine development tasks by 75% and save approximately €1.5 million annually.

Grant Thornton: Hybrid integration for data-driven insights

Gras Savoye Meets Tight Compliance Deadline with Informatica and Micropole

Grupo Martí Sports a Winning Data Integration Platform with Informatica

The AddressDoctor Address verification solution enabled GSI to standardize on one unified solution for all countries.

GuideSpark uses Informatica Data as a Service Email Verification Plus Hygiene to improve database health, cleanse email address quality, and ensure it minimizes the risk of falling into spam traps.

Creating Connected Healthcare Experiences

Informatica Cloud enabled HarbourVest to increase sales effectiveness and business efficiency.

New England patient care center saves two full-time equivalents through reuse of data integration assets and publishes timely and accurate reports to regulatory agencies, helping the hospital avoid audits.

Ensured that Salesforce CRM data is accurate, complete, and up to date.

HealthNow improves data governance with Informatica

HelloFresh success story featuring Axon Data Governance and Enterprise Data Catalog.

Healthcare products and services distributor uses Informatica PowerCenter to improve management visibility into product and customer data, decrease development time from weeks to less than one day and empower end users to generate their own strategic reports.

Provided a single source of business and clinical information, thereby lowering risk and operational costs

Home Point Financial: Becoming Data Driven with Cloud Analytics Modernization

Hot Telecommunication quickly gained compliance with regulations and accelerated development of telecom solutions

Using PowerCenter HP consolidated 85 data centers into three and reduced computing expenses by billions of dollars.

Hubo Unifies Sales Channels, Expanding into a True Marketplace

Modernizing Application and Data Integration

Humana relies on Informatica Data Integration hub to personalize member plans and programs for increased customer engagement.

Eliminated costly, manual scripting techniques used to integrate data from eight different source systems into data warehouse.

Document management systems and services reduces costs by up to $1.5 million over three years (equivalent to a six months ROI), saves 19 TB of data capacity and cuts backup window by 25% using Informatica Data Subset.

Illinois State University relies on Informatica to standardize data analytics that enrich students’ experiences and promote academic achievement

Putting Privacy First: Independence Health Masks Data to Protect Millions of Insureds

Indian Oil transforms petrol and gas business through data analytics.

Informatica improves marketing-lead-to-opportunity conversions by more than 200%

ICO Delivers on the Data-Driven Digital Transformation Plan of the Spanish Public Sector

Interfor: Modernizing EDI

Connected Data Helps Intermountain Healthcare Deliver Value-Based Care

IQVIA gained enhanced data accuracy, timeliness, and completeness and faster time to market for its pharmaceuticals.

Helping More Refugees

Transforming High-End Automotive Retail: Jardine Motors Makes the Road Trip to a Single Customer View

JDRF improves productivity up to 40 percent, helping focus more of the nonprofit’s resources on fundraising, research, and advocacy

Jewelry Television, a 7x24 hour television and Internet jewelry business innovates to offer customers an omnichannel experience.

Informatica Helps Jiangsu Zijin Rural Commercial Bank Explore the Value of Data

JLL Delivers Marketing Intelligence for Commercial Real Estate Investing.

Kelley Blue Book improves efficiency in development and implementation of data initiatives

Kelly Services: Connecting Great People to Great Companies

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center reduced costs by automating workflow processes while ensuring data is consistent, accurate and synchronized.

KLiNGEL Drives Omnichannel Strategy with Rich Product Information

Shop ‘Til You Drop: Kmart Australia Transforms into a True Omnichannel Retailer and Quadruples Online Sales.

Marketing data provider uses Informatica Identity Resolution to perform high-volume, accurate identity matches; embed search-and-match directly into applications.

KPMG implements MDM to help optimize data for digital transformation

Reduced marketing and sales time-to-market through real-time interaction between target systems.

Centralizing student management systems from four systems to one platform ensuring clean data and full data management

Reduced daily batch processing times from seven hours to five hours a day.

Healthy Data, Healthy Communities: Improving Provider Data and Patient Privacy at L.A. Care Health Plan

Lagardère Travel Retail Pacific Expands Shopping Opportunities through Partnerships and a Cloud-First Strategy

Increase Agility and Competitiveness at Lower Risk With Informatica

Land O’Lakes thinks cloud first for long term technology strategy

Informatica PowerCenter reliably supplies Landesbank Baden-Württemberg with data that needed for risk management.

Lenovo: Getting to Know You

Life Time relies on Informatica Cloud for business agility

PowerCenter provides a holistic view of three million customers and operations enabling LIME to make faster, more accurate business decisions.

Lippo Digital delivers a Digital Concierge Platform to customers.

Provided retail traders with pricing transparency, market depth, neutrality and control.

Informatica empowered scientific and clinical collaboration at this renowned cancer center by turning data into knowledge and facilitating self-service business intelligence

Empowering Patients with Data: Maastro’s New Patient Portal Encourages Active Participation in Managing Healthcare

Maersk Line Uses Data to Power a New Age of Shipping

Magellan Health accelerates implementation time for new data onboarding

Magyar Telekom improves customer experience, enables revenue growth and reduces operating expenses

Majid Al Futtaim: Spearheading Data Transformation Across the Company

Manitoba Telecom Services created a more resilient and reliable process that increased the availability of data to the end users

Financial services art of retail giant reduces analysis cycle by 40%, achieves compliance a year ahead of deadline and increases analysis accuracy with Informatica.

Matrimony.com Leverages Big Data

Matrix Service Company: Building Better Relationships with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services

McGraw-Hill Education Gains Data Clarity While Amping Up Customer Product Engagement

In the UK, the MCPS-PRS Alliance is the organization responsible for ensuring that composers, lyricists, and publishers are paid whenever their work is played, broadcast, downloaded, or copied.

Brazilian Government department for business delivers trusted view of 53 million companies; reduces time needed to answer policy questions from one week to one minute with Informatica.

Michigan State University Elevates Data Quality and Governance Strategies

Biopharmaceutical company reduces IT costs, increases developer productivity and leverages benefits of SaaS platform using Informatica data integration.

Misys Global Trade and Risk Management provides banking software that delivers financial risk management to the world’s leading financial institutions. Based in London, Misys is a market leader serving 2,000 banks and financial institutions in more than 130 countries.

Online job search giant decreases time needed to generate reports from weeks to one day; achieves full ROI almost immediately with Informatica.

Cut load time to a change management data mart in half and ensured 24/7 access to reliable, accurate, up-to-date data.

MTN gained the data integration power necessary to handle increasingly massive volumes of call records

MTVH Uses Data to Help Address England’s Housing Needs

Murdoch’s deploys Informatica MDM – Product 360 to aggregate data and unify strategies to create more engaging omnichannel shopping experiences

Informatica Helps Nanjing Children’s Hospital Achieve Information Exchange and Sharing

National Instruments: Solving the World’s Toughest Product Design Challenges

National Interstate Insurance Transforms Commercial Policy Underwriting Process, Drives Greater Profitability

Natixis builds SWIFT Messaging and Data Infrastructure on integrated solution of PowerCenter and B2B Data Transformation.

Integrating data of more than nine million consumers with MDM

Banking on the Cloud: nCino Makes Loan Processing Faster and More Efficient

Nissan Europe improves customer marketing with 360 degree view of customer engagement.

Telecommunications equipment manufacturer lowers the cost of data integration with Informatica Marketplace Monitoring solution.

Communication technologies and infrastructure company processes three times the data in half the time of previous solution using Informatica PowerCenter.

Northern Arizona University Uses CRM to Establish a Deeper Connection with Students

NYC Health + Hospitals Empowers 50K+ Healthcare Professionals with Trusted Data and Analytics

Informatica helps healthcare delivery system ensure patients receive finest possible care and enhances coordination of care throughout the Louisiana region.

Warehouse loading process time was cut time in half and the 20% increase in volume of historical data available to users helped Oi to identify market trends and new revenue opportunities

How Olympus Tracks and Manages Sales Activity with Data-Driven Dashboards

OSF HealthCare identifies high risk patients for palliative care initiative.

Asia-Pacific insurer standardizes on Informatica to increase processing capacity to 800,000 users, improve customer service efficiency, cut employee workload and lower number of transferred service calls.

With Informatica MDM – Product 360, PartsSource lowered time needed to launch new products from two hours to two minutes

Paycor: Counting on Data Analytics

Transaction processing provider uses Informatica data integration solution to increase the number of transactions processed and transformed daily, and streamline data transfer process.

PayPal reduced time spent collecting, manipulating, administering and reconciling finance master data in favor of time spent creating value through data analysis and analytics.

Significantly reduced migration costs from legacy system to Salesforce.

PostNL transforms from a traditional Netherlands postal delivery service to a significant distributor of packages worldwide.

PPL develops a new platform that enables the creation and validation of payment details, supports the invoicing strategy, and increases process efficiency.

Leading cruise company relies on Informatica Cloud to improve marketing campaign effectiveness. Cloud integration completed in 12 hours; CRM live in one month.

Mastering Successful Projects

Providence St. Joseph Health enhances patient care and safety with a single source of truth for all data assets

PUMA Competes to Win with a 360 Degree Product View

Qualcomm turbocharges their back office with Salesforce integration.

The Queensland Police Service saved 79 years of manual merging time and more than $4.4 million in staff salaries

Rabobank moves closer to its goal of 80% online services delivery with Informatica.

UK automotive association uses Informatica PowerCenter to shorten reporting time from days to minutes, raise travel insurance renewal rate by 20% and cross-sell and upsell opportunities more accurately.

Deployment of PowerCenter helped RASCA reduce response time by 50% and redeploy call center agents to other tasks

Informatica Cloud reduced expense and risk compared with appliance-based and on-premise integration solutions.

Railinc Fast-Tracks Railway Operations using Self-Service Data.

A Richer Client Experience: RBC Wealth Management Invests in Modernization and Digital Transformation

Protecting Home Buyers’ Privacy

Helping More Refugees

RENT A CAR Shifts Digital Transformation into Gear with New Self-Service Options

Global provider of on-demand marketing solutions reduces software development time by 50% and accelerates customer on-boarding by up to 40% with Informatica.

Informatica Email Verification Plus Hygiene helping RingCentral nurture leads and stay in touch with existing customers

Rockwool Group: Manufacturing Integrations

Rutgers University, Division of Continuing Studies: From Applicant to Alum

Deployed Informatica PIM to bring a high quality, authoritative view of entire product portfolio and the relationships between them

As part of the country’s largest ever data migration initiative, leading Korean insurance provider reduces IT costs by $20.8 million over four years and triples developer productivity.

Leading life sciences company uses Informatica PowerCenter to improve early detection of R&D issues, decrease time-to-market and ensure researchers have timely access to data.

Moving People: Revolutionizing Global Relocation Services with Cloud Integration

Santalucía Seguros Powers Customer-Centric Digital Transformation with MDM and Data Quality

Informatica Ultra Messaging solution helps leading investment bank provide competitive, and appealing streaming prices and a more agile, responsive service to clients.

Ultra Messaging solution helps PTS venue reach record trading volumes, become main challenger for equity trading and grow customer base.

The Informatica platform is key to Schneider National's data warehousing and business intelligence initiatives enabling increased responsiveness to customers.

International energy company uses Informatica Data Quality to increase revenues, lower customer debt risk and reduce per-customer expenses.

Informatica PowerCenter enables leading hard disk manufacturer save $1.2 million over three years and decrease data transfer time from 48 hours to two hours.

SendGrid Delivers Better Customer and Employee Experiences using Informatica’s Hybrid Cloud Data Management Solution for AWS

Subsidiary of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange increases profitability and responds more rapidly to customer enquiries with Informatica data integration and application retirement solution.

Shire Pharmaceuticals Uses Next Generation iPaaS and Data Analytics in the Fight Against Rare Diseases

Accelerated return on investment by reducing volume of near-lined data by 95%.

Software provider to financial services industry shifts focus from technology integration to consulting services with Informatica.

Leading European financial services group relies on Informatica to reduce cost of data integration and accelerate time-to-value of future data integration projects.

Electricity producer shortens migration project time by 25% and reduces project staff from 18 to six, saving $250,000, with Informatica.

The Informatica Platform and data replication solution reduced typical analysis time from one day to 20 minutes.

SparkCognition Gives Customers Easy Access to Data for AI

SportScheck multichannel sports clothing and equipment business centralizes its product information across all sales channels with Informatica MDM – Product 360.

PowerCenter enabled agents to provide accurate real-time quotes on demand and automated previously manual data look-up tasks.

Enhancing service quality and efficiency across the infrastructure with Informatica Data Integration Hub

Reduced data input error rate from 80% to 1%.

Sterling & Sterling migrated all insurance records from SalesLogix to Salesforce CRM in one weekend—50 percent faster than anticipated, and achieved a 30 percent decrease in integration costs

When Data Is Gold: Stuller Manages Millions of Jewelry Products with Informatica

SulAmerica reduces IT costs and improves customer insights for enhanced cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Sunrun: Powered by the Sun, Hosted in the Cloud

Sutter Health is reinventing healthcare in the digital era with the help of Informatica MDM

Swisslog Healthcare Solutions delivers best-in-class automation solutions that increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience in forward-thinking hospitals.

Tani improves customer loyalty program through a clean, single view of the customer data

TCF Inventory Finance Takes a Data-Driven Approach to Source Capital

Decreased operational issues from 70 percent to 30 percent of IT workload by using Informatica Cloud Integration

Informatica and Telkomsel - Data Powers Collaboration & Innovation

TELUS Connects with 14 Million Customers in a Personal Way

HHS establishes a Data Governance program to transform from its five agency structure to three agencies.

Improved decision-making by facilitating fast, accurate reporting with PowerCenter.

GWU relies on Informatica to inform decision making and help students plan for the future

Location, Location, Location

Deployed PowerCenter to standardize data migration methodology for greater efficiency.

The New York Foundling: Empowering Families in Need

$187 billion financial services firm increases development productivity by 30%; expands cross-sell and upsell opportunities with Informatica.

Texas tax collector generates extra $70 million annually in revenues and has, to date, returned more than $500 million total by searching and matching identity data.

With Informatica’s Cloud MDM to Salesforce Travel Corporation is able to see all interactions with their customers.

Thomson Reuters establishes a data integration infrastructure and security framework to build governance, automation and standardization processes

Leading US car rental firm provides real-time access to customer, sales and marketing data; increases marketing campaign effectiveness.

Tinkoff Bank acquires and retains more customers at a lower cost with Informatica Big Data Management.

Informatica Cloud gave sales teams a single, 360-degree view of customer situation.

Informatica Ultra Messaging as the core component of Trading Technologies' IT infrastructure powers a highly scalable and reliable trading platform.

Transamerica’s Enterprise Marketing and Analytics Platform provides a complete view and understanding of all customer relationships across Transamerica’s operations.

Chinese university uses Informatica PowerCenter to build a new database and usher in a new era of data sharing.

TEB uses trusted data to build and extend customer relationships and enhance operational efficiency.

U.S. Xpress Enterprise dramatically cut gas costs and truck idle time to become greener

UBS creates an enterprise-grade data governance program for risk and compliance reporting.

Ultimate Software embeds Informatica iPaaS into its UltiPro to provide self-service data access

Leading refinery company increases market share and improves realization of sales with Informatica.

UNC Health Uses Data Governance to Deliver a Coordinated Response to COVID-19

Unilever provides rich, online product content to drive customer preference and increase purchase decisions.

Union Bank of the Philippines Drives 12x Higher Revenue with Digital Transformation

U.S. Geological Survey improves system performance by 30 percent

Data-Driven Degrees: University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business Uses Data to Provide More Personalized Education

University of New Orleans Increases Student Enrollment and Improves Retention

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: A Smoother Path to Education

Groceries provider to 12 million US military customers shortens restocking time by 24 hours and creates on-demand view of business activities.

The Utah Department of Health freed resources to focus on research collaboration and new health reform initiatives

Information on Tap: V and B Streamlines Ordering While Uncorking its Omnichannel Strategy.

Vale delivered archived data compression rates averaging 95 percent, and saved $1 million annually in storage costs

Valley Health System: Improving the Patient Experience

Europe’s leading online shopping club manages five-fold growth in types of data tracked in real time, optimizes stock control and increases revenues with Informatica.

Veraction Helps Customers Reduce Transportation Spend

With Informatica Big Data Management, Verizon serves its customers with a consistent experience across all channels to reduce customer churn, improve marketing effectiveness, and increase personalization.

International telecommunications solutions provider improves targeting and monitoring of marketing operations by consolidating all customer and prospect information.

International business process outsourcer saves £9 million annually; creates a single view of every customer across water supply business.

Solved the immediate problem of getting the data from its enterprise HR business users.

Vita Coco: Coconuts in the Cloud

Vitakraft Improves Operational Efficiencies and Collaboration on Product Information

With PowerCenter VIVACOM had trusted, timely data for decision-making, lower levels of risk throughout the organization, and improved operational efficiency.

Lowered operational costs by $1.2 million per year through enhanced direct marketing processes.

Informatica MDM - Product 360 and Informatica Data Quality power Wasco’s Product Information Management implementation

PowerCenter reduced development time by up to 50% and improved systems performance.

The Informatica platform created a data foundation for analyzing the variables that drive education and work outcomes.

Weatherford is one of the largest multinational oilfield service companies providing innovative solutions, technology and services to the oil and gas industry.

German media and mail-order company relies on Informatica to identify duplicate identity records across multiple languages, lower mailing costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Western Union built a data platform based on Hadoop and Informatica Big Data Edition

Automotive retail loans provider relies on Informatica to share real time information between systems; introduce timely, accurate decision making and improve revenues.

Reduced time spent manually reconciling reports from data collected in different insurance applications.

A Winning Data Strategy: Winsupply Fuels Ongoing Growth

Wireless Technology Leader Helps Small Businesses Thrive with Unified Product Information

Getting Closer to Customers: Wolters Kluwer Empowers Sales with Deeper Customer Insights.

Point of service solution providing automotive dealers a 360-degree view of customers

With a hybrid cloud solution, yes increases viewers’ engagement and loyalty, promotes new content and provides more value to customers.

Lowered time needed to process new EDI feed from three weeks to less than one week.