Siebel-to-Salesforce Templates

Optimize data synchronization between Siebel and Salesforce for maximum ROI.


Optimized data migration

Due to the complexity of Siebel, many enterprises need to operate Siebel and Salesforce side by side and migrate key data to Salesforce on a step-by-step basis. As you journey to a cloud-powered enterprise, Siebel-to-Salesforce Templates allow you to operate Siebel and Salesforce to achieve maximum ROI out of both deployments.

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Custom Salesforce1 apps via master data synchronization

Certain industries need to keep using Siebel for specific customer use cases while using Salesforce for sales automation and as a platform to build custom apps to support unique business processes. With Informatica Cloud’s Siebel-to-Salesforce Templates, you can now synchronize products, accounts, assets, opportunities, quotes, and activities, and use this information in your custom Salesforce1 app, on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.



360-degree customer view

By bidirectionally syncing objects such as products, accounts, assets, and opportunities, your enterprise can achieve a 360-degree view of your customer without having to embark upon expensive integration projects. These templates also allow different departments within an enterprise to keep either Siebel or Salesforce as their master CRM system of record.

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Rapid connectivity to key data objects

For enterprises wishing to migrate off Siebel, these templates allow rapid connectivity to your key data objects. This connectivity provides you with in-depth metadata so that you can thoroughly understand your various business processes before migrating to Salesforce.