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What is an Intelligent Data Platform?

Raw data is not useful. It contains duplications, inconsistencies, and outright errors that can lead to poor decisions. An intelligent data platform allows you to systematically transform raw, possibly unsafe, data into great data for more accurate insights and more effective decisions.

Far more than simply a data integration platform, an intelligent data platform also includes data quality, master data management, data archiving, and data security capabilities. And it’s best represented as a journey: Typically starting with a focus on one of these elements to one that encompasses two, three, or all of them.

Above all, businesses on this journey realize data preparation is a team effort, since an intelligent data platform allows non-data experts to participate in the cleansing, mastering, and general harmonization of enterprise data so they can intelligently discover and create their own.


Only the smartest companies know the secret to finding value in data deluge. Find out what that is.

c09-products-platform-2x-high-growth-firms The number of high-growth firms that consider themselves highly effective at extracting insights from data, as compared to no-growth companies, according to CIO Magazine.

What a data platform should offer

A vast majority (72 percent) of CIOs find improving the use of data and analytics as a critical or high priority2. Key to that is an effective data integration and management platform. We believe that a truly intelligent data platform should deliver:

  • Hybrid infrastructure—To connect any app, no matter where it resides—in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment—to any device, from anywhere to anywhere.
  • Systematic, universal data—So your business is universally fueled by great data.
  • Data democratization—Gives you intelligent data for everyone.

Why Informatica?

Informatica is the only intelligent data platform that incorporates Vibe, a “virtual data engine” that allows you to create data-integration mappings once, and then run them across multiple platforms. It accommodates changing technologies without recoding, and enables intelligent self-service by business users. It’s the only platform that scales from single user to departments to enterprises and which has won accolades from both Gartner and Forrester in almost all data management categories.


1 The data directive: How data is driving corporate strategy—and what still lies ahead, Economist Intelligence Unit, April 2013.

2 CIO Magazine's 2014 State of the CIO report


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Informatica Platform Products

Metadata Management

Maximize business value of enterprise information assets with a comprehensive unified view of all metadata.


An embeddable data management engine powering the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform.

Business Process Management

Define and deploy sophisticated business processes and integrations that will give you a competitive advantage.

Data Integration

Access, integrate, and deliver trusted critical data to efficiently fuel great analytics and business processes across the enterprise.

Data Quality

Provides all your projects and initiatives with clean, high-quality data regardless of its size, data format, platform, or technology.

Master Data Management

Delivers reliable business-critical data so you can optimize operations and make more informed decisions.

Data Security

Define, analyze, and protect sensitive data at its source before it proliferates throughout your enterprise.

Cloud Integration

Optimize your cloud deployments for Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Workday, NetSuite, and more.

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