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Accelerate digital transformation with a modern hybrid publish/subscribe data hub

Organize complex data integration environments and make them more productive and consistent by combining governance with self-service for distributed teams. Modernize your analytics with hub-based distribution of curated data to all analytics systems in parallel. Seamlessly integrate multiple clouds, new enterprise applications and big data with your existing systems through a mixed latency central hub combining near real-time integration with scheduled delivery.

Data Integration Hub’s automated, curated data delivery combines governance with self-service for distributed teams. Leverage a publish/subscribe data hub optimized hybrid data integration to power your organization with high quality data.

Gain visibility, management, monitoring, and alerting across all data workflows through the hub. Better govern and automate your data integration through a central hub to ensure all consuming systems are receiving the same, fresh data at the time and in the format that each application needs. Improve compliance and impact analysis through a central Hub Overview of data workflows and relationships. 

Self service

Enable less technical users to be more collaborative and productive thanks to step by step wizards and an intuitive web-based user interface. Users can self-subscribe to data publications to automate curated data delivery to the system that they need it sent to. IT can empower distributed teams to self-publish and subscribe to prepared data feeds without waiting in an IT queue for requested changes to be implemented.


Publish/subscribe data hub for the 21st century

Accelerate analytics and application modernization, SaaS and data lake integration through a governed hub delivering certified data to each system when it needs it. Be more productive and efficient by decoupling data sources and targets from data transformations. Integrate all of your data through a single system—regardless of its location or type.

Hybrid cloud data integration

More quickly and efficiently connect multiple clouds to on-premises systems through modern hybrid orchestration via the hub. Instead of connecting each SaaS app to multiple targets redundantly, synchronize each SaaS app once with hub and automate distribution of prepared data to all consuming targets to save costs and system loads.

Big data ready

Combine the productivity and organization of the hub with Hadoop-scale data storage and high-performance processing. The hub enables seamless use of Hadoop with existing systems via integration with Informatica Big Data Management. Feed your data lake by retaining a copy of all data flowing through the hub. All data stored in Hadoop is indexed with Hive for access by analytics tools and big data applications.

Key features

Modernize your data infrastructure with governed, automated data integration and processing, combined with self-service for distributed teams.

  • Publish/subscribe hub for data: Modern hub architecture optimized for any size data and mixed latency data delivery manages sourcing and delivery of data to all systems
  • Hybrid workflow orchestration: Unified management of hybrid workflows speeds data integration and transformation across SaaS apps, cloud analytics, and on-premises systems
  • Big data and traditional systems in sync: Seamless automation of data processing and storage on Hadoop with your existing data infrastructure
  • Governed data management: Hub Overview and console for visibility, monitoring, and alerting across all data pipelines—combining the cloud, big data and existing systems
  • Wizards and intuitive user interface: Easy-to-use web-based self-service tools facilitate rapid development, increased productivity, and greater team collaboration
  • Leverage Informatica skills: Leverage the skills of the 100K+ person strong PowerCenter developer community for creation of complex and custom data workflows for the hub.
  • Automated data cleansing, enrichment, mastering and security: Informatica Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data as a Service (DaaS), and Data Masking can be used together with the hub to increase automation and the level of consistency and trust in your data. 

Customer Success Stories


Rabobank moves closer to its goal of 80% online services delivery with Informatica.


Humana relies on Informatica Data Integration hub to personalize member plans and programs for increased customer engagement.

State of Washington

Enhancing service quality and efficiency across the infrastructure with Informatica Data Integration Hub

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