Application Consolidation for M&A

Ensure day-one integration and reporting by successfully consolidating enterprise applications.

Quickly discover and understand target data 

After a merger or acquisition, public companies need to show a unified face to customers and shareholders, so they often have only a single day to integrate and report on their applications.


To ensure productive, day-one application integration, Informatica offers tools with:

  • Intelligent data discovery
  • Powerful data profiling
  • Reusable and sharable integration logic

The power of Informatica’s tools means that you can use data profiling to quickly discover and understand the target data to integrate.

In addition, because our solutions include features that require business and IT collaboration, risk and back-and-forth reviews are minimized.

Customer Success Stories


Informatica improves marketing-lead-to-opportunity conversions by more than 200%


UPMC used a collection of Informatica products to improve research outcomes in the quest to cure various diseases


Humana relies on Informatica Data Integration hub to personalize member plans and programs for increased customer engagement.

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