The US Air Force has more than 327,000 active personnel and nearly 5,600 aircraft, as well as missiles and satellites around the globe. Keeping the fleet in repair and ready to fly required Air Force analysts to pull information manually from 26 different databases and information systems and compile it in spreadsheets. The Air Force wanted to streamline and automate this process by consolidating information in a single warehouse, dubbed Air Force Knowledge Services.


  • Integrate 26 discrete source systems and databases
  • Improve speed and availability of data access
  • Introduce reporting tools and dashboards
Before Air Force Knowledge Services, there wasn't visibility on a timely basis. It might have taken weeks or months to extract that information manually out of all the stovepiped transaction systems.
—Mike Riley
Program Manager
Air Force Knowledge Services.


$300,000 Recouped

in excess equipment in one week


  • Shortened reporting time from six months to less than an hour
  • Enabled end users to generate approximately 20,000 reports a week
  • Identified more than $600 million in excess parts

Technologies Used

  • Accesses, integrates, and delivers any and all data quickly and cost-effectively, without hand coding.