Improve Decision Making and Operational Efficiency by Furnishing Critical Applications with Reliable, Consolidated Information

It's an all-too-common and costly problem: An organization invests heavily in business intelligence data systems and analytics to support better decision-making. These systems are designed to report on business-critical data from multiple systems by aggregating or rolling them up as dimensions, but they are not designed or equipped to create a single version of the truth. Not having a single version of the truth for business intelligence data used for reporting—such as data about customers, products, channel partners, suppliers, and employees—slows analysis, delays action, and impedes your ability to improve business performance. This arises from such instances as:

  • Misguided marketing, sales, and customer service decisions
  • Inaccurate risk assessment
  • Inefficient and ineffective compliance process

Leverage Reliable Data to Make Decisions with Confidence

Eliminate the excessive time that business analysts and line-of-business employees spend manually searching for and piecing together inconsistent reports from multiple business intelligence data systems. Enable business intelligence and analytics applications with a single version of the truth for business-critical data. Informatica MDM recognizes inconsistent business intelligence data, resolves it into a single version of the truth, provides visibility into the relationships among data, and feeds the data to the business intelligence system. With this solution, you can empower your company to:

  • Increase revenue and profits by making marketing, sales, and customer service decisions with conviction based on consistent and reliable reports
  • Accurately measure risk exposure based on a clear, enterprise-wide picture of data and the critical relationships among the data
  • Protect your brand reputation and cash flow by generating accurate financial and compliance reports for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II

Deliver Consolidated and Reliable Data to Reporting Systems

Many MDM projects are designed to improve business intelligence data, analytics, and reporting, yet fall short. Informatica MDM provides a complete solution for managing multidomain master data and related relationship hierarchies, ensuring the timely delivery of highly accurate and reliable data to business intelligence, analytical, and reporting systems. With this single source of consolidated and reliable data, analysts can trust the reports generated by their systems and executives can make decisions with confidence, improving business performance.