Deliver a consistent, accurate view of customers and their relationships with your organization

Customer data integration (CDI) is a discipline within multidomain master data management (MDM) that focuses on data about customers. It ensures that all relevant departments within the organization have real-time access to the most current and complete view of customer information. Historically, the effective implementation of customer data integration has been a complex challenge because that data is spread across applications, resulting in inconsistencies and duplications among these competing sources of data. These inaccuracies result in:

  • Inability to make relevant cross-sell offers
  • Customer defection due to poor service
  • Inefficient and ineffective compliance process

Enable Business-User Access to Consolidated and Reliable Customer Data with CDI

Eliminate the excessive time spent searching for and reconciling data in different formats across multiple systems. Using customer data integration, your company gains business-user access to consolidated, reliable customer data in real time. This empowers you to pursue strategic imperatives and gain substantial business benefits. With this solution, you can enable your company to:

  • Increase revenue with customer data integration by giving employees revenue-generating functions with the Extended Customer View to make relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers through the right channels
  • Improve customer retention by supplying customer service personnel with the Extended Customer View, which enables them to serve customers and address issues faster and more effectively
  • Support compliance with local, state, federal, and industry regulations that require reporting on customers by leveraging customer data integration

Start with Customer Data Integration and Successfully Expand to Other Data Domains

Informatica MDM empowers companies with businesses-user access to all types of consolidated and reliable business-critical data, including data about customers, products, channel partners, suppliers, and employees. At the simplest level, companies that pursue a customer data integration project need to recognize their customers accurately across multiple divisions, departments, and regions—despite inconsistent and duplicate data in applications or data silos.

Informatica MDM enables companies to leverage this Single Customer View to improve their operations and reporting by recognizing, resolving, and relating customer master data that must be shared across business processes. It can also provide companies with the 360 Customer View via customer data integration, which includes customers and their products and services. In addition, Informatica MDM can enable the Extended Customer View, which encompasses customers, their accounts, products and services, as well as their valuable but previously hidden relationships with other customers—in and outside the household—and their relationships with businesses and organizations.