Exchange HIPAA Compliant Data to Improve Outcomes and Efficiency

Healthcare organizations generate messages containing valuable information about patients, procedures, results, claims, and the cost of care delivery. Shared effectively, this information can play a key role in improving outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Sharing clinical and financial data beyond the source application, however, creates challenges. Rarely are the two data formats the same, even in the case of HL7 data formats. In addition, the data comes from several sources: the lab information system, the electronic medical record, and numerous business partner systems. Each represents a valuable view. But for a trustworthy and comprehensive view, the data would need to be collected and transformed across systems, in a way that is reliable, secure, and compliant. Traditionally, this has required labor intensive, error-prone, and repetitive hand coding.

The Informatica Solution for HIPAA and HL7 Data Transformation

The Informatica solution for HIPAA and HL7 data transformation provides accessibility to HIPAA and HL7 messages, profiling and transforming all data at once. Regardless of original format, complexity, or size, clinical and administrative data is transformed into a usable format and is then readily exchanged with the data warehouse, other clinical applications, or health information exchange partners.

With this solution for HIPAA compliant data exchange and HL7 data transformation, you can:

  • Cut development and deployment time, reducing IT maintenance costs and eliminating error-prone hand coding
  • Comply with healthcare IT industry standards such as HIPAA and HL7, avoiding penalties and loss of data
  • Improve data quality and standardized formatting by connecting to any data source to profile data
  • Ensure trustworthiness of data before relying on it for analytics
  • Meet regulatory requirements with HIPAA compliant data

Key Capabilities of HIPAA and HL7 Data Transformation

Unlike an interface engine, the Informatica solution for HIPAA and HL7 data transformation offers visibility into data lineage and high volume batch processing and ensures consistent data quality.

Based on the Informatica Platform, this solution provides HIPAA compliant data exchange and HL7 data transformation, and features the following capabilities:

  • Prebuilt and maintained HIPAA and HL7 libraries
  • Centralized point-and-click, mark-and-map process for defining data transformations
  • Document preprocessors to extract data locked in PDF, Word, and Excel
  • Broad set of prebuilt transformations such as HIPAA, HL7, and EDI
  • Simultaneous support for multiple versions of HIPAA and HL7 standards
  • Scalability for real-time and batch applications
  • Distributable deployment of data transformations to multiple platforms, including ESB, EAI, cloud, and/or Hadoop
  • End-to-end visibility of all exchanges with external healthcare exchange partners or other business partners to ensure data delivery and provide auditability