Achieve Proactive Operational Intelligence and Ensure Effective Decision Support

The future of the healthcare industry hinges on the quality of its performance, not the quantity of its activity. Success will require expert care coordination within and outside of an organization. But this is difficult to achieve because of barriers such as fragmented service delivery locations, isolated applications, and decision support systems limited to a single domain of content.

Traditionally, healthcare organizations have tried to overcome these obstacles by asking already overworked people to do more or by creating new, manual processes. But these approaches don’t scale and they require extra effort from an already overtaxed staff. Organizations need a way to change patterns of traditional front-line behavior and to implement preferred practices.

Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management

Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management identifies potential opportunities or threats and delivers actionable information to the appropriate people for quick resolution. It supplements educated judgment and expertise with proactive, operational intelligence for improved patient care, facilitating the focus on relevant data.

Rapid and scalable, this solution is an effective means of impacting front-line behaviors. It enables healthcare organizations to implement clinical and administrative event management with customized decision support rules based on events and data across applications. These rules operate in the background, constantly examining and evaluating all sources of data for potentially problematic events—and immediately informing clinicians and front-line staff.

With this solution, you can:

  • Increase efficiency by facilitating communication among patients and providers using personalized business and clinical event management rules
  • Alert front-line staff that an event—such as a frequent flyer being admitted to the emergency room or a clinical research candidate registering—is occurring in real time
  • Increase productivity with self-service rule definition
  • Lower risk with real-time alerting and supporting details
  • Reduce costs by interrupting default behaviors at the point of greatest impact
  • Foster loyalty by providing service providers with relevant information at the right time
  • Gain agility with increased responsiveness to changing regulatory requirements and competitive dynamics

Key Capabilities of Proactive Healthcare Decision Management

Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management complements traditional business intelligence and application-based decision support. It bridges the gap between applications to support operational behavior change, maximizing preventive care and compliance.

Unlike competing offerings, this solution offers industry-specific event-based alerting and HL7 message support that can leverage existing applications and scale to support demands. It offers operational intelligence for improved patient care, facilitating population health, reducing readmissions, and differentiating service.

Based on a single, comprehensive platform, Informatica Proactive Healthcare Decision Management features the following capabilities:

  • Easy integration with existing IT environments
  • Sophisticated rules engine and templates enabling users to define actionable rules for operational intelligence
  • Various skill modes—templates, wizard, and advanced—allowing operational intelligence for improved patient care to be defined
  • Access to data sources to enrich notifications—the solution can trigger an alert from HL7 or EDI data while in motion, reducing the requirement to delay real-time decision support until an enterprise data warehouse is implemented
  • Alerts to critical threats and opportunities pushed to a Web-based persistent communications channel, email, or any other destination, broadening control over operational intelligence
  • Industry proven complex event processing and data integration