Create Secure Test Data Subsets for Protected Health Information

Ask healthcare IT leaders what keeps them up at night, and high on the list is the risk of a protected health information (PHI) breach. Often resulting in fines, penalties and loss of public confidence, data breaches cause 40 percent of organizations to be non-compliant with privacy regulations like HIPAA. The consequences are costly:

  • Each violation of PHI rules carries a $25,000 fine
  • Breaches cost an average of $5.5 million per year

HIPAA and HITECH are applying increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to implement electronic health records with proper privacy and compliance. Organizations require a comprehensive data privacy strategy to meet this demand and address common challenges:

  • Uncertainty about the location of protected health information
  • Insufficient documentation of legacy applications
  • Inconsistent or missing security policies
  • Lack of privacy controls on nonproduction data
  • Unauthorized access to data
  • Uncontrolled batch job user accounts or system access

The Informatica Solution for Healthcare Test Data Management

The Informatica solution for healthcare test data management dramatically lowers the risk of a data breach of protected health information by masking healthcare data for testing purposes. It minimizes data storage costs by moving only a slice of necessary data instead of a full production copy. And because the solution centralizes data privacy management, it streamlines development and ongoing maintenance.

With the Informatica test data management solution for protected health information, you can:

  • Establish robust data privacy policies and define sensitive data
  • Increase efficiency by preemptively identifying where protected health information resides in the organization
  • Reduce risks of data breach by creating subsets of production data for testing purposes
  • Meet HIPAA compliance requirements for masking data and securing protected health information
  • Create an audit trail to verify that data has been secured
  • Protect sensitive data such as medical record numbers, biometric identifiers, and health insurance identifiers used for development, testing, or training

Key Capabilities of Healthcare Test Data Management

Every copy of a production dataset containing protected health information multiplies the risk of a data breach. The Informatica solution for healthcare test data management plays a critical role in preventing such a breach and meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. By enabling the creation of functionally intact, secure test data subsets, the solution removes the temptation to make multiple copies of production environments for development, testing, and training.

Unlike competing offerings, the Informatica solution for healthcare test data management includes self-service tools for creating these data subsets. The solution enables your IT team to create, update, and secure useful data subsets—smaller, targeted databases—from large, complex databases. With referentially intact subsets of production data, your IT organization reduces the amount of time, effort, and storage space needed to support nonproduction systems.

The Informatica solution for healthcare test data management is based on a single, comprehensive platform and features the following capabilities:

  • Flexible masking of independent attributes for protected health information
  • Securing of vulnerable protected health information data at various levels such as production, nonproduction, in-transit, and client desktop
  • Identification of sensitive fields in table relationships
  • Rendering of sensitive data as anonymous based on access rules and user roles
  • Masking of nonproduction clinical and administrative data
  • Rule application based on user context
  • Connectivity with a variety of data sources including mainframe and non-relational data sources
  • Foundation in industry-leading test data management