Further the Mission by Providing Comprehensive, Timely, Trustworthy, and Secure Information

Informatica solutions for the U.S. government empower its civilian organizations and agencies by breaking down data silos and ensuring that all data is trustworthy, actionable, and authoritative. These solutions access and integrate all data—in different systems, languages, and formats—and deliver that data wherever it is needed. These solutions enable government agencies to meet executive and legislative requirements for effectiveness, transparency, and accountability.


  • Cloud and IT Optimization

    Accelerate the move to the Cloud and dramatically reduce operational complexity and cost. Identifying and optimizing redundant and obsolete applications, allows organizations to rationalize applications, improve data governance, strengthen their overall security posture, and free resources to focus on transformation and modernization efforts.

  • Big Data

    Shift focus from transaction data to the extraction of value from big data. Big data promises to unlock the value hidden in large volumes of data for policy formulation, threat determination, and improved decision making.

  • Security and Privacy

    Dramatically reduce the risk of data breach. Protect personal and sensitive data from both external attack, insider threat, and advanced cyber threats with intelligence-driven security data.

  • Improper Payments

    Improve fiscal responsibility by reducing improper payments and enhancing fraud detection and prevention.

  • Federal Healthcare

    Share critical information effectively to improve healthcare, expand coverage, and reduce costs across all federal healthcare agencies.