Equipment Performance Monitoring

QA engineers and maintenance technicians are awash in equipment performance data, thanks to an explosion of increasingly cheaper and more varied monitoring sensors. When you add data governance to data management, you increase confidence in the data’s accuracy and timeliness. This means your employees can better share and reuse data to gain trusted insights more quickly, which helps increase productivity and reduce risk exposure for the OEM and operator.

Informatica solutions are designed to help you unleash the full value of your equipment performance data by cleansing and integrating multiple data sources and understanding data lineage across any environment to deliver well-governed, accessible, and trustworthy information. Using Informatica Master Data Management and Big Data Management in conjunction with Integrationworx Machine 360, a solution built using Informatica Edge Data Streaming and Big Data Streaming, enables your research and operations staff to:

  • Accelerate time to insight and increase trust in generated insights
  • Isolate behavior based on operating conditions
  • Reduce cost to operate time-series data analytics environments
  • Identify required product changes quickly

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