Migrating to the Cloud with Trust to Accelerate Value through Innovation

Last Published: Jan 12, 2022 |
Nathan Turajski
Nathan Turajski

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Data Governance & Privacy

Is the cloud a great opportunity? Yes, when made safe outside the firewall

The current state of explosive data creation and digital use across the world has disrupted business as usual and is driving a true paradigm shift to what Informatica calls Data 4.0. In the new world of AI-driven intelligence and automation, Data 4.0 is either an opportunity for value creation—or a potential liability.

This evening city skyline is a reminder of how modern businesses must  be ready for a world that is cloud native. | Informatica

Data 4.0 requires businesses to redefine previous assumptions of trusted data use on premises and enter a world that is cloud native, where metadata-driven intelligence is needed to enable trusted insights at global operational scale. Data 4.0 is the soul of digital transformation—and the required scalability, transparency, and trust can only be achieved with AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities so enterprises can do “more with less” by leveraging automation to create and protect new value.

So, what’s the problem?

Organizations must discover and catalog their most business-critical data and operationalize metadata intelligence to govern the relevance, value, and security with increased transparency. They must cleanse and master this data to ensure its quality and protect this data for safe value creation. Data controls must be managed effectively to scale AI/ML models to deliver trustworthy insights for businesses to reach revenue generation and operational efficiency goals.

Informatica’s modern, cloud-native, microservices-based, API-driven, and AI-powered Intelligent Data Platform helps unleash the roadblocks of significant untapped value of new data for customer retention and revenue generation by intelligently automating intensive, manual work that otherwise leaves room for errors and decreases trust. Informatica’s platform makes data more accessible through safe self-service analytics and delivers the visibility, flexibility, and scalability needed to make critical decisions rapidly, while mitigating risk of abuse or loss.

For organizations migrating more workloads to cloud environments and transferring sensitive data to public platforms, discovering that cloud providers lack the sort of data privacy and consistent protection controls that enable trust on-premises at the data layer, it can effectively stall digital transformation programs. Even when they do offer some controls, they lack the sort of portability organizations require to be able tp adopt a strategy that remains agnostic to underlying platforms. Informatica’s integrated data management platform not only enables consistency in the cloud as well as on premises, but based on a consistent foundation, Informatica’s data privacy and protection capabilities integrate seamlessly—a sharp contrast to  single-point vendors that do not adhere to a privacy by design approach of foundational support.

Organizations that are on a cloud data migration journey are often stalled when they lack insights into new data risks from exposure in these potentially untrusted environments. And in today’s new normal where organizations are accelerating cloud initiatives, or seeking alternatives from current strategy to increase cost efficiencies and ROI, Informatica can help solve the ambiguity that comes from lack of data trust by enabling data quality and protection:

  1. By discovering and classifying data to provide transparency into risk levels
  2. By analyzing risk exposure and masking sensitive content to enable safer exposure and use

Organizations need the analytic insights to make guided decisions that put risk in the rearview mirror, while accelerating value creation from data with confidence—Informatica is their solution.

The Data Management Leaders Invest in Innovation to Drive Your Successful Cloud Journey

Informatica is the leader in intelligent data management with significant investments that enable metadata-driven intelligence and automation. Unlike other global giants, Informatica prioritizes data management innovation. By investing over $200 million annually in R&D, we drive innovation at enterprise scale, unmatched by cloud vendors who, out of necessity, can only focus on discrete management silos. This provides a unique advantage as the industry’s only major vendor focused on data management across all major cloud hosts with a platform solution.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services—the industry’s leading, most comprehensive, cloud-first/cloud-native, AI-powered iPaaS (Integration Platform as-a Service)—delivers best-of-breed capabilities for every stage of your enterprise integration and data management requirements to intelligently modernize your data and applications. By enabling a broad portfolio with trust assurance, Informatica’s data privacy and protection solutions can help promote consistent cloud and on-premises privacy compliance and data protection, accelerate adoption of regulatory mandates, and solidify customer trust with transparency by establishing data governance best practices.

To accelerate cloud adoption, Informatica’s comprehensive suite of data privacy governance and protection solutions includes Data Privacy ManagementAxon Data GovernanceEDCData MaskingTest Data Management and Data Archive. They provide a continuous automated process to define enterprise policies, catalog data, identify and protect data by monitoring, analyzing and remediating sensitive data risks across wide-ranging cloud and on-premises platforms for sensitive data. With detection and risk remediation, organizations can take action using automated, intelligent, controls for guided decision making, powered by the CLAIRE ™ engine, to unleash safe value creation opportunities from data, reduce risks, and provide analytic insights for decision support and risk prioritization.

Innovation Enables Cloud Migration

In 2020, we continued investing in CLAIRE to deliver on the promise of Data 4.0 across transformational priorities that position Informatica Data Privacy Management uniquely in the market by accelerating safe data migration to the cloud, democratizing data analytics with trust assurance, and building customer retention and loyalty through safe data handling. These are all critical revenue-generating programs, accelerated and protected through innovations that are driven by Informatica Data Privacy Management, including:

  • Two new patents awarded (see: 1) and (see: 2) to Informatica for innovation applied to data risk analytics and workflow management for guided decision making, and breach impact insights, by applying metadata-driven intelligence and automation for risk reduction
  • The acquisition of Compact Solutions and GreenBay Technologies which extends the wide range of metadata ingested for analytic insights that can be applied to privacy risk reduction, and enable a long-term roadmap to accelerate data analytics innovation through advancing AI and machine learning
  • Advances in automation to operationalize DSAR reporting—mapping data to identities, enabling organizations to save potentially millions of dollars in opex, responding to consumer rights requests under today’s data privacy regulations (CCPA, GDPR, etc.)

Informatica’s continued investment in AI and metadata-driven intelligence benefit customers who are on a journey to the cloud—as data is moved from trusted environments into untrusted hybrid environments—by automating and orchestrating controls that make data safe for portability and exposure, enabling benefits of cloud elasticity and opex savings, without sacrificing trusted data handling, through increased transparency and confidence to accelerate value creation programs with lower risks of data abuse or loss.

The power of AI and Metadata Intelligence for Safer Cloud Adoption

Informatica’s innovations in AI-powered data management make it possible for organizations globally to view, share and analyze data to solve today’s critical digital transformation roadblocks. As the COVID-19 pandemic brings the need for data-driven digital transformation further into focus, our data management expertise is more relevant than ever. Our innovative product portfolio equips businesses with the industry’s most advanced intelligence and automation capabilities to manage and protect data by lowering risk exposure.

To accelerate the global journey to the cloud with trusted data, Informatica offers an integrated suite of data privacy governance capabilities that operate on a consistent platform aligned to its cloud data management solutions. Data privacy governance is a flexible model, enabling organizations to define data protection and transparency policies, often driven by regulations; discover and classify confidential data; map data to identities for managing data subjects; perform risk analytics and orchestrate risk remediation; and report on privacy performance to demonstrate achievements and close gaps in risk management goals.

Core to this capability is Informatica Data Privacy Management (DPM)—Informatica’s risk management solution that tracks data, monitors use, and applies metadata-driven intelligence to guided decision making for risk reduction, optimizing ROI and cost efficiencies. Because DPM operates on a common platform, customers investing in Informatica cloud management can accelerate data protection and transparency controls seamlessly, unlike single point solutions, bolted on later. Data Privacy Management enables core capabilities:

  • Operationalizing data privacy policies to enforce privacy controls on sensitive data, aligned to privacy regulation such as the GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and similar mandates.
  • Discovers and classifies sensitive data by scanning global data stores for sensitive information, reducing manual effort, error and delays from ad hoc procedures.
  • Maps data to identities to build a subject registry, providing transparency into data use by machines and users, and enabling reporting for DSARs (data subject access requests).
  • Assessing and analyzing risks using US-patented data analytics for guided decision making to optimize ROI by prioritizing risk severity with comprehensive insights.
  • Automatically orchestrating risk remediation, such as data protection and transparency (e.g., masking, DSAR reporting, dashboards) to govern data based on risk levels by integrating Informatica market-leading protection and consent management solutions.
  • And, providing audit and reporting to demonstrate performance or enable organizations to identify gaps in controls; this includes anomaly detection by monitoring data access and use to alert to changes in safe data handling procedures.

While DPM offers a complete solution for managing and remediating risk, it’s also the shared metadata intelligence and automation of a broader data governance suite that accelerates the cloud journey. Organizations relying on Informatica cloud data management have a single approach to solution procurement, out-of-the-box sharing of metadata without application API headaches, a single throat to choke for post-sales support, and a seamless path to digital transformation that does not leave organizations hanging each step from vendor integration finger pointing.

Data Privacy Management, within a broader data governance portfolio, offers the trust assurance organizations require to drive success in their cloud journey and unleash Data 4.0 safely. If you’d like to find out how to make risk-mitigating decisions faster and more accurately with Informatica’s patented advances in risk simulation, register today for our webinar, “Informatica Innovations: Data Privacy Risk Management.”

First Published: Nov 29, 2020