Real-Time Integration Products

Integrate and provision operational data at any speed — batch, near real-time, or real-time.


Exchange data among operational applications at any speed—batch, near real time, or in real time.

PowerCenter Real Time


This add-on package works with PowerCenter to handle the exchange of data among operational applications at any speed — batch, near real-time, or real-time.

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Edge Data Streaming


Efficiently collect all forms of streaming data and delivering it directly to both real-time and batch processing technologies—so you can analyze and act on it while it's still fresh and relevant.

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RulePoint Complex Event Processing


Proactively respond to both opportunities and threats with real-time alerts or action.

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Ultra Messaging


Next-generation, low-latency application messaging with very high throughput and 24/7 reliability over network- and shared-memory- (inter-process) based transports.

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Data Virtualization


A data abstraction layer for fast and direct access to data from multiple disparate sources, without the need for physical movement.

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Customer Success Stories

Daewoo Securities

PowerCenter enabled Daewoo to increase data processing performance, accelerate order processing speed by more than 50% and reduce recovery response time from four hours to 25 minutes.


Reduced typical customer data exchange and transformation development time from a couple months to a few days

BNSF Railway Company

Using Informatica PowerCenter, BNSF securely and efficiently integrated its mainframe resident, disparate operational data repositories

Related Products & Solutions

Big Data Streaming

Enable real-time decisions from streaming analytics by processing IoT data at scale with prebuilt transformations.


Promote automation, reuse, and agility with the industry's only fully integrated end-to-end enterprise data integration platform.

PowerCenter Real Time

Get all the capabilities for integrating and provisioning operational data in PowerCenter in real time.

Intelligent Big Data

Integrate, secure, and govern big data with repeatable, reliable, and maintainable processes to add value to your organization.

Data Integration Hub

Delivers an innovative, publish/subscribe hub approach for elegant, alternative point-to-point integrations.

Connectors (PowerExchange)

Provides out-of-the-box, high-performance connectivity to all enterprise data, eliminating the risk and cost of hand coding.

B2B Data Exchange

Modern inter-company exchange to securely and collaboratively integrate any data with partner networks.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

The leading enterprise cloud data management solution to power business transformation.

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