Sales Tax Calculation

Remove complexity from your tax environment with automated sales and use tax calculation.


To ensure the best possible customer experience while avoiding penalties and audits, you need a sales and use tax calculation solution that is fast, accurate, up-to-date, and flexible. 


Avoid shopping cart abandonment

Our sales and use tax solutions cover city, state, and county taxes for all U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions, including shipping and handling fees. Save on costs associated with sales tax calculation and reduce your rate of customer shopping cart abandonment. Provide estimated tax as your customers shop, with a corrected total at checkout, in order to avoid surprising customers with prices at the checkout stage. 

Flexible options at subscription-based pricing

Sales and use taxes can differ from block to block, even within the same zip code. Eliminate guesswork and avoid audit penalties in this very complex tax environment. Our advanced sales and use tax options provide even more specific information, including postal code taxes and rooftop accuracy for each individual ship-to address. On top of the most accurate tax information available, we provide an additional layer of address verification in real-time. Address verification built into our sales and use tax solutions gives you more value-added services to ensure your customer’s delivery address is accurate when the tax rate is calculated.


Updated automatically for real-time accuracy

All of our sales and use tax calculation services are updated monthly and reflect the most current tax rules available. Because our solutions are cloud-based, they require no software updates and very little IT management to set up. You can implement our sales tax services anywhere you need them. Quickly integrate sales tax calculators into any web site, web form, ecommerce shopping cart, point-of-sale platform, call center, or business application.

Editions Table

  Basic Edition Complete Edition Online Edition
US and Canada Jurisdictions
Use Tax
City, State, and County Tax
Shipping and Handling Tax
US and Canada Jurisdictions
Special purpose districts


Postal code tax


Rooftop accuracy



Address verification



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