GDSN Accelerator for Product Information Management

Synchronize product data with GS1 GDSN standards.

First master-data fueled PIM-solution certified for GDSN Major Release 3 by 1WorldSync

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Ensuring regulatory compliance, managing an exploding number of product attributes and creating an engaging consumer experience with trusted, timely and complete product information across all sales channels, is a constant challenge for manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and brands.

Across the information value chain, product data is needed, managed, enriched and exchanged by many different parties. Manufacturers and brands must constantly create and update product content and share relevant product data with their distributors, retailers and operators. Similarly, retailers need to subscribe product content from Manufacturers to ensure relevant data is available to syndicate to their own internal and external channels.

However, siloed systems and applications spread across different teams and regions, as well as manual processes and missing data quality checks, result in excessive costs, compliance issues, bad customer experience and operational inefficiencies.

High quality product data is a prerequisite for compliance with public regulations, e.g. the European Food Information Regulation EU 1169/2011 or industry specific US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules. But it’s also significant to have efficient and secure processes and workflows in place to exchange this product information with trading partners.

With a Product Information Management (PIM) solution in place, business users can more effectively collaborate to create and manage rich product content with a transparent end-to-end process along the product information value chain. Recognized as market leading by independent analysts, MDM – Product 360 is Informatica’ s master data-fueled PIM solution. It fuels omnichannel commerce with trusted, governed and relevant product data, increases agility, and operational efficiencies creates much better customer experience.

Easily share product data via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN)

The Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) is a network of interoperable data pools and a global registry. It is used by companies around the globe to exchange product data with their trading partners in a standardized way. Informatica’ s GDSN Accelerator is seamlessly embedded with Product 360 and allows comfortably exchanging product information with trading partners via the GDSN - without even leaving the Product 360 interface.

Automated, Real-Time Exchange with Trading Partners

Thanks to automated data exchange between data sources and data recipients, users can streamline and accelerate the way they access the data pool (e.g. 1WorldSync). The app allows users to securely and continuously exchange, update and synchronize product data in real-time according to the standards defined by Global Standards One (GS1). Users can fully control if they want to share information with either a specific trading partner or with all recipients of a target market.

The solution supports faster time to market and time-to-shelf for new products or product with modified attributes, like ingredients or package sizes and minimizes the number of duplicate processes.

Data Governance Processes for Regulatory Compliance

Additionally, the embedded and industry leading data governance capabilities help ensure that only items complying with GDSN data quality rules will be transferred to the pool.

Improved ability to analyze GDSN data and fix data quality issues prior to sharing the information ensures that only data that is accurate and of highest standards is shared with trading partners. This helps comply with regulations and globally supported standards to maintain uniqueness, classification and identification along the entire information value chain.

Consistent and Informed Omnichannel Customer Experience

Based on one source of the truth, retailers can more easily fulfill their consumer demands for consistent, current and rich product information and labelling across all sales channels. This is a critical success factor for an informed and engaging customer experience. 

Tailored to Your Needs

The solution offers high flexibility to map item attributes to the GDSN standards and can be tailored to customer specific needs, like providing industry specific (e.g. food & beverage) or optional fields. The accelerator provides out of the box validations and error handling, which also cuts down the cost of building point-to-point integrations.

The GDSN Solution

  • Seamlessly embedded with Product 360
  • Allows flexible mapping of item attributes to the GS1/ GDSN standard and handling of different data formats
  • Provides pre-built workflows to orchestrate the choreography
  • Delivers end-to-end visibility of item publications, notifications, and confirmations
  • 1WorldSync-certified and Major Release 3 compliant
  • Access the 1WorldSync Item Management or Data Sync Engine data pool 
  • Informatica is a partner of GS1


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