Enhance Business Decision-Making with Oracle OCI Data Lakehouse and Informatica Intelligent Data Management

Last Published: Oct 18, 2022 |
Deepak Rameswarapu
Deepak Rameswarapu

Director Product Management, Informatica

Today’s data leaders are seeking ways to improve their business performance and create competitive advantages. A cloud lakehouse is a new data architecture that combines the best capabilities of a cloud data warehouse and a data lake. The architecture lets you analyze business applications, IoT, telematics, social media and machine learning, as well as more traditional files and databases. It stores data — both structured and unstructured — including images, texts, PDFs and industry-specific data formats. A cloud data lakehouse can help you accelerate your journey to the cloud, enhance the decision-making power of your data users and get ahead (and stay ahead) of the competition.

Enhance the Value of Your Data with Informatica and Oracle

To get the most value from your cloud data warehouse and data lake/lakehouse initiatives, it’s important to have a purpose-fit solution appropriate for your data environment. With on-premises data systems in your enterprise, using data management services that are geared to your unique requirements will help accelerate your data migration and modernization journey.

To help our shared customers become truly data-driven, Oracle and Informatica are working together to clear the path to data modernization. Informatica is an Oracle preferred partner for Oracle Data Integration and Governance. Together, we provide one cloud platform to migrate and modernize legacy workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Accelerating Data Management with a Cloud Data Lakehouse Architecture

Figure. 1: Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Oracle OCI delivers a cloud data lakehouse reference architecture to enhance business decision-making. Figure. 1: Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud for Oracle OCI delivers a cloud data lakehouse reference architecture to enhance business decision-making.

Informatica’s end-to-end Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) is the industry's first and most comprehensive AI-driven data management solution. Powered by Informatica’s AI-based CLAIRE® engine, IDMC applies industry-leading metadata capabilities to accelerate and automate core data management and data governance processes.

Combined with Oracle OCI, the new cloud data lakehouse reference architecture brings enterprise-grade intelligent data management to Oracle Cloud. IDMC lets you quickly discover, inventory and organize your data assets on OCI. With CLAIRE, you get a unified view of all your enterprise metadata, adding context to your data so you can leverage the hidden value it brings.

Once you identify the data you want to move to the cloud, Informatica on OCI lets you accelerate data management from the Informatica IDMC platform. IDMC lets you simplify the integration of your data — along with dependencies and linkages — and rapidly move large data volumes with its mass ingestion service. You can then manage the data with IDMC data integration and data quality services for ETL/ELT patterns, leveraging cloud-native codeless connectors. This integrated software approach lets you maximize the value of your data and take full advantage of the true benefits of moving to a cloud lakehouse data management strategy. These benefits can include quick and flexible data ingestion, scalability, accessibility, enhanced decision-making and better data science.

Here's a brief overview of how Informatica IDMC cloud services on Oracle OCI work together to help you meet your data ingestion, integration, quality and governance requirements:

Data Ingestion

A simple four-step wizard guides you as you ingest terabyte scale data, in any pattern, at any latency at scale in real time. The wizard allows batch loading with no data limit and includes change data capture capabilities to detect and manage incremental changes at the data source. Cloud Mass Ingestion supports streaming, file, database and applications. Supported targets include Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Object Store.

Data Integration and Data Quality

With AI-powered cloud-native data integration, Informatica provides best-of-breed ETL, ELT and elastic Spark-based data processing for any data integration need.
Informatica cloud-native data integration delivers multiple benefits to your data enterprise including:

  • Cost control and optimization: Choose the right processing for the right job and save on compute hours, data transfer charges and more.
  • Optimization engine: Send your data processing work to the most cost-effective option — whether its cloud ecosystem pushdown, cloud data warehouse pushdown, traditional ETL or Spark serverless processing.
  • Flexible, consumption-based pricing: Easily scale up or down as needs change with simple, consumption-based pricing. Get access to an array of industry-leading cloud services that let you rapidly onboard new capabilities, enhance data quality and kickstart innovation.
  • Self-service: Access low-code / no-code development tools so you can use fewer resources per job.
  • Data quality: Deliver fit-for-purpose data to help drive your most critical business initiatives as you work with data you can trust.
  • Templates: Reduce development time by up to 80% with templates and multi-step wizards. Leverage pre-built quick start bundles or accelerators for common data integration projects such as data warehousing and data quality.
  • AI and automation: Instead of building each job manually from scratch, leverage AI and machine learning to enhance data quality and intelligent automation. Then use CLAIRE-powered recommendations for guidance on how to build mappings, parse data file formats and optimize performance and utilization for large, complex processing jobs (e.g., auto-tuning and auto-scaling).

Data Governance

The IDMC data marketplace service is the industry’s only cloud-native, intelligent, enterprise-scale governed data marketplace. Data owners can easily organize data into categories and data consumers can browse and shop for data relevant to their topic or domain of interest. The marketplace makes data easier to find and understand, helping to ensure that data is fit for use while also being properly protected.

Next Steps

Are you ready streamline your data migration and enhance data quality to get the most value from your cloud data warehouse or data lake/lakehouse? Our data experts are ready to help you develop a purpose-fit data management solution geared to your unique environment. You’ll discover new ways to modernize your enterprise and make the most of your Oracle Cloud investment. To get started, please reach out to us.

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