Master Data Management

A Proven Master Data Management Solution Chosen by Firms Around the Globe

Realizing the importance of a complete master data management solution to help achieve their business imperatives, leading firms in financial services, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and many other industries have chosen Informatica Master Data Management.

Informatica Master Data Management has a proven record of helping firms create master data management solutions that increase revenue and profits, improve efficiency, and drive more confident decision-making.

An Extensible Master Data Management Platform that Grows with Your Needs

Thanks to easy configuration, you can take your master data management solution live in just months, not years, to solve immediate problems. And because Informatica Master Data Management readily accommodates changing business needs, you can leverage the effort and investment you've put into your master data management initiative to handle new business challenges on a broader scale.

Master Data Management: Ready Integration into Your Existing Infrastructure and Systems

Informatica Master Data Management is designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure and systems, making it simpler to launch your master data management solution and helping you realize a faster time-to-value. And because your IT users can leverage existing technical skills, and business users can access critical data directly within their current business applications, your master data management solution is more readily adopted enterprise wide.

Faster ROI with Informatica Master Data Management

Based on a comprehensive, unified, open, and economical platform, Informatica Master Data Management makes it easier to take control of your data. Put master data management to work for you to acquire and retain customers, leverage operational efficiency as a competitive differentiator, accelerate speed-to-value from acquisitions, and support informed decision-making across your enterprise.

Delivering multidomain master data management on a single platform, Informatica Master Data Management is faster to deploy, easier to manage, and simpler to migrate-which means greater value and superior ROI for your enterprise.

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